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Best Power Inverter for Sump Pump

Best Power Inverter for Sump Pump

The best power inverter for sump pump is an important equipment for homeowners in certain areas.

Well, the American Society of Home Inspectors estimates that up to 60% of homeowners in America have some type of moisture in their crawl spaces or basements. At some point, these spaces will flood, and if not, the humidity can cause mold and associated problems that include health issues.

A sump pump is always a smart bet, especially if your home is in an area that experiences generous amounts of rainfall or snow. The automatic floatation system feature switches on the sump pump when the water reaches a certain level.

It is, therefore, crucial that the sump pump has sufficient power supply at all times, and the best power inverter for sump pump comes in handy.

Best Power Inverter for Sump Pump Reviews

1. IOTA Engineering Converter and Charger, 45 – Amp

The power conversion and battery charging of this unit are off the hook, and that’s why we like it.

IOTA Engineering Converter and Charger, 45 - Amp


  • 13.6V and 14.2V charging modes
  • 3-stage battery charging
  • 45 amp

Considering that it only weighs 5 pounds, it is one of the most portables. This feature makes it ideal for RV and where you need to transport it from one place to the other.

The two charging modes and clean DC output make it a favorite of many people. Other desirable features include built-in protection and low operating temperature.

The chances of a malfunction are significantly smaller as a result. You can, therefore, expect it to serve you for longer together with your sump pump.

It has a safe and effective three-stage battery charging, thanks to IQ Smart Charger. This particular innovative technology ensures more reliable charging and longer battery life.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Built-in protection and low operating temperature
  • Safe and effective 3-stage battery charging
  • Safeguards the quality and enhances the durability of your batteries
  • It is easy to operate


  • There are several complaints about a complete shut-off after using it for several years

2. HAITRAL Power Inverter 3000W Modified Sine Wave Inverter

With such impressive features as a continuous rating of 3000 watts and peak power of 6000 watts, it is no wonder this inverter is a crowd favorite.

HAITRAL Power Inverter 3000W Modified Sine Wave Inverter 3000 Watt 12 Volt DC to 110 Volt AC Converter with Three Intelligent...


  • Peak Power--6000 w
  • Continuous Rating--3000 Watt
  • Anti-reverse Protection
  • Two car batteries

Others include anti-reverse protection and intelligent temperature control fans. Everything stays cool, and it can function for longer without any issues.

Other safety features include anti-reverse protection, high voltage protection, short circuit protection, and high-temperature protection. It is one of the pieces of equipment you are confident in using.

The solid aluminum shell provides adequate protection to the inside circuitry. It is, therefore, a rugged piece that you can expect to stick around for longer.

This inverter has various uses, and apart from using it on the sump pump, the inverter would serve as an excellent source of emergency power.


  • Intelligent temperature control fans
  • Various safety features
  • Does not demand a lot of maintenance
  • Durable and powerful
  • Portable and versatile


  • It may not be potent for particular needs

3. Tripp Lite 750W Power Inverter / Charger

The continuous output power of 750 watts and an extended peak of 1500 watts will come in handy for your sump pump.

Tripp Lite 750W Power Inverter / Charger, 12V DC to 120V AC, 20A, 2 Outlet, 5-15R, 1 Year Warranty (APS750)


  • Continuous output power of 750 watts
  • 1500 watts instantaneous power
  • 2 AC outlets
  • Frequency control feature

The unit can handle heavy connected downloads with its extended peak surge capability.

The auto-transfer switching is especially one feature that tunes the strings of homeowners. Of course, it makes it convenient and efficient. You will notice that the polycarbonate housing is rugged and can comfortably take the beating associated with movement and power supply.

Even better, the housing is moisture resistant and more appropriate for use with your sump pump. The inverter/ charger is clean and quiet, which is unlike most of its peers on the market. Its advanced circuitry makes it ideal for use with sensitive electrical equipment.

The inverter has a frequency control feature to keep the AC line frequency tightly regulated. It also has an extended peak surge power to cater for the peak surge demands of pumps.



  • There may be issues of phantom power draw

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Things to Consider when Purchasing a Power Inverter for Sump Pump

Before you can spend your hard-earned cash on a new power inverter for the sump pump, there are a couple of things that should be at your fingertips.

Power inverters are everywhere, and you should not take some of the vendor promises at face value. Most of them tend to sugarcoat, and that can lead to significant disappointment in the end.

Size of the Inverter

You must get an inverter that is big enough for a sump pump. Typically, the basis for the rating of sump pumps is on the power they draw.

Keep in mind that the AC uses a much higher current, usually double as much. To be on the safe side, always incorporate this surge capacity so that you are aware of what you’re working with.

For illustration, if you have a 5 amp pump, then you can safely assume that ten amps are the surge current. The surge rating and the continuous wattage rating will always be higher in most of the inverters on the market.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case, especially for models that cost as little as pocket change. They may only surge a fraction before cutting out, and that is not always sufficient.

Ideally, the continuous rating should be equal to or greater than your pump’s surge current draw.


The safety of the inverter is as important as its quality. It doesn’t hurt to take extra steps to ensure that the charger is safe and efficient. Dig deep into their customer reviews and other information that you can lay your hands on.


The portability of the inverter mostly depends on how you will be using it. In this case, portability may not be so crucial because you will be using it on the sump pump.

Of course, the sump pump is localized and will not be going anywhere. It will be a different case if you are talking about an RV or something like that.

Budget and Warranty

No kidding, the best inverter charger is a little bit expensive. Don’t expect to chuck out pocket change on a decent-quality power inverter.

But that does not imply you should spend an arm and leg to get the best. Check the above to guide you in the right direction. Also, make sure that the inverter has a decent warranty to safeguard your investment.

The best power inverter for sump pump ensures that your basement is always dry, even when there is a power outage. You don’t have to worry the next time that a storm comes, and the power goes if you have a decent power inverter like the listed above.

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