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Best Pasta Makers in the Market

In this era of technological advancements, people are able to do things so much faster at the click of just one button. And while for the longest time this was only a luxury that was enjoyed in the information technology sector,

there have been many changes that have overhauled the status quo and crept into our very own kitchen areas. Smart kitchen appliances are evolving day in day out such as these best pasta makers.

One of the ways through which technology has made cooking so much easier is through the very well-known pasta makers that have found a home in almost each and every home around the globe.

And this is with good reason, especially seeing as pasta has become a somewhat basic staple food as people move towards eating healthy foods.

In this article, we are going to delve deep into some of the best pasta makers in the market.

But before we get into that, let us have a look at the editors top pasta makers and their various ratings.

4 Best Pasta Makers Reviews

 best pasta makers reviews
Best Pasta Makers in the Market 6

​1. ​Marcato Atlas Electric Pasta Machine

​​Anyone who has had the pleasure of using this product can attest to the fact that it exceeds all expectations far and beyond in as far as quality and function are concerned.

What’s more, the product also ranks pretty high in as far as design and stylishness are concerned. An aspect that has contributed largely to its purchase, seeing as it augurs well with pretty much all kitchen types.

​Marcato Atlas Electric Pasta Machine​ Features

It is easily adjustable.

It comes packed with a recipe book that helps give one a clear idea of what pasta types and flavors to prepare.

It has a 9 position dial that helps regulate the thickness of the pasta.

It has plastic fingers that help scrape the pasta off the cutters.

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  • ​It has removable plastic fingers hence making it a tad easier for one to clean the machine.
  • It is easy to dismantle and reassemble especially for purposes of cleaning.


  • ​It has a very hefty price tag
  • Consumers don’t have the luxury of trying out as many pasta types as they would wish because it is limited to only 3 pasta types.

​2. ​Philips Pasta Maker

​​Although there are so many incredible types of pasta makers in the market, nothing has come close to the Philips pasta maker in years.

Being a reputable brand that has some of the most advanced automatic pasta makers, Philips has managed to gain an edge over its competitors and win the hearts of more and more consumers over time.

If you love your pasta all fresh and flavorful, then you will definitely have your fill with this machine. Probably a little bit more than you may imagine at first.

More so because it has the ability to exert about 1600 pounds of force on the dough during extrusion, therefore, guaranteeing the user superb texture coupled with a remarkably amazing taste as the pasta explodes in your mouth with an intense burst of flavor.

Philips pasta maker Features

  • It has an LED display that is meant to ease operations.
  • It consumes about 200 Watts of power.
  • It comes packed with a recipe book that gives insight on 24 different types of pasta that one can make with the machine.
  • It has a cleaning tool that helps make cleaning the shaping discs much easier.
  • It has a pre set cooking function.
  • It has 4 default shaping discs.
  • It has a storage drawer right at the bottom that is meant for the storage of the shaping discs and the cleaning tools.

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  • ​It gives you the flexibility of making over 20 types of pasta
  • ​You can make a large amount of pasta and store in the freezer.
  • ​It has a stylish looking appearance that accentuates the overall appearance of the pasta maker.


  • ​It is available in just one color shade hence restricting the freedom of choice.

​3. ​Cestari Kitchen Ultimate Pasta Machine

This is a world class pasta maker that enables its consumers to make tagliolini, fettuccine and flat dough sheets for ravioli, lasagna, tortellini, and cannelloni.

Well, known for the suction base, this pasta maker has been a rather remarkable tool for users who want to enjoy making their pasta without having to worry about the constant shaking and wobbling that the process brings about with it.

Its sturdiness, flexibility, and efficiency have also contributed to a large part in the overwhelming reception that this gadget has attracted over the years.

Cestari Kitchen Ultimate Pasta Machine Features

  • It has a suction base that eliminates shaking and wobbling.
  • It has a 9-position dial that regulates the thickness of the pasta.
  •  Its body is made of mirror polished chrome plated steel and rollers and cutters made of anodized.

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  • ​It has sharp cutters that help produce precise cuts.
  • ​It has a suction base that helps prevent unnecessary movements during the pasta making process.
  • ​It comes packed with a booklet that gives the user an idea of the kinds of recipes to prepare and the steps that one should take in preparing the pasta.
  • It has a lifetime warranty that covers the pasta machine, the pasta roller, and the cutters as well.


  • ​It takes a bit of time to get around making the first batch.
  • The countertop lock feature is not as efficient as would be desired.
  • It is available in just one color hence restricting the freedom of choice.

​4. ​Kitchen Aid Pasta Maker

​With the Kitchen Aid pasta maker in existence, you can no longer settle for the pasta you get from the shelves anymore.

It has become absolutely essential in the quest for healthier living, to in the very least buy your own pasta maker and make your own pasta at home.

Besides, having your own pasta maker gives you the luxury of savoring fresh homemade pasta whenever you like.

Kitchen Aid pasta maker Features

It comes packed with a pasta roller and a fettuccine and spaghetti cutter that aids in smooth rolling and clean cutting.

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  • ​It is very easy to operate even for users that don’t have prior knowledge of how to use it.
  • ​Since it is constructed from sturdy materials, it is able to stand the test of time provided it is well taken care of.
  • ​The cutters make perfect cuts
  • ​It can easily be assembled and disassembled when one wants to clean it.


  • ​It is very heavy hence making it tedious to move it around from one spot to the next.

In summary, despite the fact that the best pasta makers happen to have some cons as is with every other product, we cannot completely overlook the fact that the pros of these pasta makers far outweigh the negatives.

The decision to buy one of these highly rated pasta makers may be what’s standing between you and your opportunity to make your own freshly made homemade pasta.

We hope that this article will somehow shed some light on the best pasta maker to buy depending on your preference.

You will definitely be in agreement that it’s about that time that you treated yourself with an exquisitely remarkable pasta maker.

Bear in mind that this is not only a win-win situation for you in terms of overall convenience, but it is also a win-win scenario in your efforts to become more health conscious in your diet.

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