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Best Ladder Stand for Bow Hunting

3 Best Ladder Stand for Bow Hunting

Ladder stand offer a couple of benefits for certain bowhunting situations that other stands can’t. For example, if you’re a postage-stamp-sized property bowhunter, a safe, comfortable ladder stand opens up more quality spots to hunt down a whitetail.

Kill plots (or “Hidey-Hole” Plots) are also strategic setups for ladder stands- It may seem as if natural openings aren’t there, but you’d be surprised how a ladder stand carves great shot opportunities across your entire plot.

With all that said, it’s important to have the best ladder stands for bow hunting with you. Climbing a wobbly stand is to me really like signing off your own death warrant.

Below we have reviewed our top 3 best Ladder Stand for Bow hunting to help point you in the right direction when shopping. Read on:

Top 3 Best Ladder Stand for Bow Hunting – our top recommended picks

#1- BIG GAME 18” Guardian LS4860 XLT 2-Person Ladderstand

This is a great stand for bow hunting- it’s super safe, exceptionally solid, and works like a charm. It’s easy to stand up un-noticed (it offers plenty of room especially if you’re solo) and shoot from this 18” steel constructed ladder stand with your bow.

Plus, it’s so comfortable you can literally sit there for hours without a second of discomfort thanks to the surprisingly comfortable mesh seat. The included 2 full-body safety harnesses seem excellent quality too- the fall arrest system is, in fact, TMA- approved.

It’s also so easy to go up/down the tree with this ladder even for a first-timer. Set up is a piece of cake as well. In short, this 500lbs capacity stand is one of the best ladder stands out there as far as we can see.

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  • Easy to use.
  • Padded shooting rail.
  • Quick to assemble.


  • The assembly instructions can be improved.

#2- Rivers Edge single person Ladder Stand RE651 Lockdown Tall

Another brilliant sturdy ladder stand that works well for bow hunting. It’s phenomenally stable and provides terrific height for wide-range viewing. It features two stability blades and measures 21” to its shooting rail.

There are other sweet additions too including the extraordinarily large ratcheting stability straps as well as the bark-biting stability bar. More importantly, you can be as sly with the bow as you want for that shot since it’s roomy for one hunter.

These ladder sections fit tightly together (no noise whatsoever) and it feels rock solid. The ergonomic mesh seat is ultra-comfortable and flips up quietly (when you want to create more platform room). It’s worth mentioning that this is 300 lbs. rated.

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  • The backrest leans back decently at the top.
  • Very secure.
  • Fairly uncomplicated assembly.


  • A little bit more work to assemble it in the woods solo (does that at home and carry it assembled).

#3-Guide Gear 20” 2-Man Double Ladder Tree Stand for bowhunting (with Hunting Blind)

Designed to make you stand tall and see the entire surroundings safely, this wonderful 2-person dual-rail ladder feels much safer and more stable than others. Its stands out in several ways, not least because of the included full blind (for total concealment).

The sturdy steel construction makes it a heavy-duty option- it supports as much as 500 lbs without any issue! And with an easy-to-adjust support bar, abundantly padded armrests along with a well-cushioned backrest, your comfort is guaranteed.

Conveniently, you can remove the padding and cushions from the stand when not hunting to avoid bears chewing on them when the ladder is unattended. It also comes with a set of ratchet straps (for enhanced stability) and a pair of well-built fall-arrest safety systems.



  • A little heavy.

Best ladder stands for bow hunting – what to look for when buying

Knowing what considerations are important when buying your first ladder stand will stand you in good stead.

Here are 5 factors to consider before purchasing a ladder stand for bow hunting.

a) Single or double wide?

Ladder stands are available in two configurations: single and double-wide. And while double ladders are intended for two hunters, some favor them when deer hunting solo.

The benefits can be huge. For example, because of the wider seat and platform, you can sit or even stand off the side of your support tree depending on what position gives you the sweetest spot.

You can also draw your bow without worrying about crashing your elbow into the support tree. Plus, two-man ladder stands allow you to sit together with your son or buddy as you teach them the nuts and bolts of deer hunting.

The major downsides are cost and weight- double ladders weigh more than their single counterparts because they’re bigger. And you can probably guess that you have to pay more for all this extra convenience.

b) Get the correct height

Height is another critical factor in your ladder stand selection. Needless to say, you want it tall enough for your anticipated situations. Having said that, a ladder stand that reaches higher is better for most trees.

It puts you up way above the animal’s line of sight giving you a vantage position to strike. Even so, there are trees that just suit shorter stands so it’s best to be guided by the height of the particular tree you plan to be attaching the ladder stand to.

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c) Weight capacity

This is essential because it’s a question of your safety.

Here is the thing: Choosing a ladder stand with a weight capacity very close to your weight is not a bright idea because it may collapse on you when you add the weight of your hunting equipment.

Your target should hence be a ladder stand that can withstand your weight combined with that of your hunting gear. And if you’re on the heavy side, select heavy-duty ladder stands with the right weight rating.

d) Your comfort

Because there’s no telling how long it will take for the big buck you’re stealthily trailing to come within good sight for a clean shot, optimum comfort is vital too.

Look for abundant padding in all the essential areas, a good enough backrest, a nice seat, and more. Make a choice that will be a pain in the butt and you’ll always find yourself heading back home early and probably empty-handed!

e) The question of camouflage

While not quite a make-or-break detail, whether or not the ladder stand is finely camouflaged could, in certain instances, affect your chances of getting a deer.

It’s not lost on me that for us bowhunters, you require the game to be extremely near before taking a shot. Now, if your budget allows, make sure your ladder stand is either well camouflaged or at least has a flat, non-reflective finish.

Why would you take chances when success is pretty much on the line?

At some point, we often realize that a little device could have made all the difference when out in the woods. Unfortunately, this realization often comes too late when we have already missed the biggest game.

Ladder stands for bow hunting are such under-appreciated hunting accessories. Use the above reviews of our best Ladder Stand for Bow hunting and the extra tips to purchase an ideal ladder stand and find record-breaking success in the woods this coming deer season.

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