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Best Ladder for Painting 2 Story House

Best Ladder for Painting 2 Story House

Heights, Scary, lofty heights. They make me pretty hairy. You could be like me. No shame in fearing heights, anyway.

The issue is, you want to give your two stories high house a fresh coat of paint. And looking at the hefty bids from professionals, you’d rather do it this time.

Well, don’t let your nerves stop you from updating your two-story foyer pretty darn sweet especially if you can’t see yourself up on a scaffold. Simply go for the best ladder for painting 2 story house and say goodbye to all the butterflies in your stomach.

To point you in the right direction, here are the reviews of the best ladders for painting a two story house.

Best ladder for painting 2 story house reviews

I have ordered the list from the tallest and safest to the shortest and most lightweight. Where relevant, I note the special features that I discovered in the ladder during the research.

1. Louisville 24-Feet Extension Ladder, 300-lbs Duty Rating

The Louisville 300lbs-rated (Type IA) ladder is by far the best ladder for painting a 2-story house.

Made of extra heavy duty aluminum, this popular extension ladder among industrial users and contractors will get you high enough (it’s 24-Feet when fully extended) and it’s so balanced you’ll forget all your fears.

The D-shaped rungs means a more comfortable standing while the super strong rung lockers enhance your security. The rubber feet along with the pointed anchors on the feet create a more solid foundation.

It’s flexible too- the second section easily decouples from the base ladder when you want to create a 12-footer.

Additional features include rope and pulley along with outside slide guides, of course, for easy extending. 

How to use an extension ladder on a sloped roof


  • Very well-designed ladder.
  • Lightest ladder (at this height).
  • Durable construction.


  • Takes up significant storage space.

2. Little Giant Ladders, Velocity Multi-Position Ladder, Aluminum, 22 Foot,

This true two-person ladder extends with little effort to give you 22 ft. reach height while perched at the top.

It’s made from a special alloy to make it lighter than competing industrial-rated ladder by about 20 percent and has a quality locking mechanism to lock and unlock to extend. 

The frame of the Velocity is designed to quickly adjust to a variety of different positions and heights. A-frame mode, extension ladder, staircase ladder, and even a sturdy 90-degree ladder.

And with the Velocity Trestle Brackets (ordered separately), it converts to a flexible and highly secure trestle-and-plank scaffolding system. The wide-flared legs and high strength aerospace-grade aluminum makes it one of the safest and most stable ladders for uncomfortably high heights.

Extension ladder roof stabilizer


  • Multi-use ladder.
  • Stores compact.
  • Solid and very stable.


  • There is a slight learning curve with this ladder.

3. 19.5ft Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder – 2 Platform Plates

This versatile ladder for DIYers has safety locks and bottom protective rubber pads for maximum safety and peace of mind when painting the exterior/interior of your two story house.

Crafted from premium grade aluminum, this 19.5 feet (fully extended), 4 Rungs x 5 Steps ladder is extremely lightweight and effortless to carry. The rungs support up to 330 lbs. so it’s just as tough as it is mobile.

And with the easy adjusting mechanism and countless different positions, this ladder from Idealchoiceproduct will give you any height you desire for a flawless painting job.

Uniquely engineered, this is essentially a 5-way combination ladder that will always be very useful around the house.

The sturdy equipment can function as a straight ladder, double-sided ladder, a workstation platform (includes 2 platform plates), trestle ladder, stair ladder, etc.

This unit also folds up nicely and neatly for transportation or storage convenience.


  • Easy to handle.
  • Excellent  versatility.
  • Lightweight.


  • Somewhat wobbly.

Painting tall walls without a ladder

How to Choose the Best ladder for painting 2-story house

Falls (and a lot more worse) are never too far away when using ladders for home-improvement projects.

Sure, human error can explain some of the staggering 500,000 hospital visits each year but so may faulty ladder designs. So you must be sure the ladder you pick is cut out for the job.

Here is how:

a) Match the ladder type to the job

Ladders come in various types and this will be your first decision.

Here are the commonest types and what you should know about the suitability of each to your painting job:

Stepladders- The most uncomplicated and fairly light A-shaped ladders. These are not that tall (the 6-foot models dominate) and are, therefore, ideal for tasks that don’t need serious height.

Multipurpose Ladders– The most versatile type in the world. For the most part, these can reach between 15 to 20-something feet so they are a good option for the job.

They, however, tend to be heavier and difficult to handle without assistance.

How far must an extension ladder extend above

i) Extension ladders

These often extend to the highest height and are the leading choice for jobs that you require you to climb to daunting heights.  Their major downside is that they hog more storage space.

ii) Get ahead with the right ladder materials

Aluminum? Fiberglass? Steel? Or other materials?

Each of the materials has its fors and againsts.

  • Aluminum- you get strength, a lighter weight (for ease of maneuvering and movement), and corrosion resistance. But you have to be careful if painting near electrical lines because aluminum is a fair good conductor of electricity.
  • Fiberglass- Fibergrass guarantees sturdiness and electrical insulation. It’s also quite durable. On the downside, I did not find much quality, fiberglass-made high-reach ladders out there.
  • Other materials- Let us just say all other materials (steel, plastic, wood, etc.)  are only best for projects that don’t require much reach.

iii) Make your life safer with the correct weight rating

The load capacity includes your weight plus that of tools and materials that you’ll be using when up there. Be sure to read the label listing the weight (maximum) each ladder is confirmed to support safely.

There are tons of options but I only recommend that you pick a type IA ladder (300 pounds) if you’re looking for a ladder that won’t let you down.

iv) Look for features that interests you

There are several extra features (your preference matters more here) that make a ladder well worth the investment.

Here is a quick look at some of the nice-to-have extras:

  • A leveling system- these can be a lifesaver when working on uneven grounds.
  • Serrated edges in the feet- these help you drive the feet into the surface for improved balance and stability.
  • Rubber pads – these  not only improve the ladder’s resistance to wear but also ensure a more solid grip on surfaces
  • Work platform– this conveniently holds your tools, buckets, and whatever else you need for the job.
  • Storage hooks/hangers –these hold the ladders and will, where available, help you to keep them out of the way.

So, what model will you choose as your best ladder for painting a 2-story house?

How do you secure a ladder at the top roof

Before you comment with your pick, re-read the buying guide and see the ladder that best meets the minimum requirements out of the three ladders we reviewed at the start.

You may have been too chicken to paint your two story home off a ladder but with the right ladder, you’ll be finally ready to give it that much-needed facelift.

Over to you.

DIY roof ladder hooks

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