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Best Ladder for Cleaning Gutters

Best Ladder for Cleaning Gutters

Most home maintenance chores at height requires a good ladder and cleaning gutters is no exception. However, if you’re a new homeowner, it’s difficult to tell which of the sea of ladders in the market is the best ladder for cleaning gutters.

This guide points out the three most outstanding ladders for gutter cleaning around the house. Even those pretty high- so you’ll know exactly what to order when you visit a store.

If you’re starting out from square one, We recommend you go through our buying guide first to gain more know-how on how to choose (it’s right after the reviews).

Best ladder for cleaning gutters – review of our Top picks

Smoothly navigate your house’s rooftop to clear your clogged gutters with these tall, sturdy ladders.

You’ll feel not only safe but they also make the whole task easier.

1. Little Giant Ladders, Multi-Position Ladder Velocity with Wheels, Aluminum

This type 1A, 300 lbs rated ladder is an absolute must-have to clean out those 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01CQKRI1U We looked at almost 30 ladders, and none came close to matching this wonder of a ladder distinct features.

This is essentially a multi-position ladder – it easily converts to A-frame, trestle-and-plank, 90 degree, and staircase. Of course, for gutter work, you want it to extend fully to reach the gutters on your house, which it does smoothly.

The rock lock adjusters are a big help here…

All you have to do to have the ladder go to the height that’s convenient for gutter unclogging. Just push them in then move the inner part of your ladder up to the precise position.

The most fantastic features for gutter cleaning are the sturdy cargo pouch (it holds your gutter cleaning tools), the work platform (stand here when cleaning if necessary), and the wall standoff (keeps your ladder off the rain gutters to prevent damage).

Choose the 13ft. (extends to 11 ft. max), 17ft. (extends to 14 ft. max), 22ft. (extends to 19 ft. max), or 26ft. (extends to 23 ft. max) model depending on how high are your gutters.

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  • Feels extremely safe and stable.
  • Handy transport wheels.
  • Easily adjusts for height.


  • Wish the instructions manual was better written.

2. Louisville Fiberglass Extension Ladder FE3224

This is another 300 pounds-rated type IA extension ladder that seems to have made with gutter maintenance in mind. The ladder – its 24-ft can reach as high as the 2nd floor gutters safely- is simply a dream…

To give you an idea, the D shaped rungs are really sturdy even when it has been fully extended. And just like its peers, it’s quite easy to extend/retract. You can never feel safer than when on this ladder- It swiftly locks in place and the whole product feels very solid

Additionally, the rungs are fully serrated making them slip resistant. What’s more, you can make the feet on the bottom to dig in a bit to stabilize the ladder further when extended. It’s very well-constructed and certainly a long lasting model too.

Also, the no-mar rail end caps help protect walls and other landing surfaces.

Its only downside is that it’s a bit heavy but again not super heavy to carry though it’s undeniable easier as a two-person job especially if you’re a senior citizen.

Overall, we couldn’t be happier!


  • Exceedingly heavy duty.
  • Reaches a very good height.
  • Simple to operate.


  • A little too heavy for people with weak strength to store/move around.

3. Xtend & Climb Aluminum Telescoping Ladder 785P

If you’re a fan of telescoping ladders- they’re more compact in nature so easier to store and transport. This 15.5-Foot Type I ladder will excite you particularly if your gutters are not that high.

The 250 lbs. rated ladder is rock-solid, well-built, and perfectly stable. In a nutshell, this is way better than most of the lightweight yet wobbly cheap extending ladders out there.

The top rungs on this ladder are also wider and it does not slide as much on gutters though it’s wise to secure it to the gutter with one or two bungee cords. Extending and locking it by the foot is a breeze thanks to the unique closure system.

Furthermore, the non-slip end caps along with the specially engineered over molded foot boosts your safety while up there. Plus, as expected, it’s incredibly easy to carry (it conveniently comes with a nice carrying handle) and won’t take up lots of storage space.

It’s also worth mentioning that the 785P either meets or exceeds the strict ANSI and OSHA standards applicable to ladders for climbing high roof gutters. 

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  • Ergonomic design for smooth operation.
  • Constructed with durable aerospace-engineered 6061 aluminum alloy.
  • Simple to use.


  • A little pricey.

Best ladders for cleaning gutters – buying guide

You have a few key issues you have to be keen on when shopping for the best ladders for cleaning gutters. Some are utterly straightforward but others are not that clear.

Here are the most important considerations to focus on when shopping to avoid buying a ladder that will be a disappointment either in function or quality.

a) The reach height 

This is self-explanatory…

You simply have no business with a ladder that can’t reach your gutters when you’re stepping at the top (never stand on the three(3) top rungs on extension ladders).

So the first thing to check for is the correct height (you need to have an idea of the height your gutters are installed).

The following general guideline can help point you in the right direction if, by chance, you’re unable to decide on the best height:

Type of buildingRecommended ladder height to clean gutters effortlessly
Single-story buildings  Buy a ladder that extends between 15 to 17 feet.
Double-story buildingsInvest in a ladder that extends between 20 to 22 feet.
Three-story buildingsThis job is best left to pros (that height needs more than just a very tall ladder!).

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b) Type of ladder

Multi position ladders are perhaps the most versatile ladders that you can use for clearing gutters (plus other household tasks).

You can use them as both an extension ladder (best for 2 story houses) or a step ladder (best for single-story structures) and they work excellently either way.

Some come with other benefits too. For example, the Little Giant Ladders multi-position ladder has a built-in ladder standoff which helps protect the gutters.

On the other hand, the greatest advantage of a telescoping ladder is in movement and storage. Their ‘slimness’ means you can take it anywhere and it will always store more compactly.

c) Other considerations

Also check that the ladder that is tempting you is easy to use, ultimately secure (look out for innovative safety features such as proprietary locking systems), and durable (fiberglass ladders are more weather resistant).

In addition to the best ladders for cleaning gutters, you might find a ladder leveler such as the PiViT Extension Ladder Leveling Tool helpful if you’ll be standing it on uneven ground.

Needless to say, you want to be sure that the ladder is completely stable before climbing to the gutters. 

In addition, install a Ladder Standoff (if you choose a model without one) on your ladder- it protects your gutters besides keeping you safe! Lastly, a gutter guard and leaf-catchers may help you minimize the need to constantly unclog your gutters.

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