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Best Inverter Generator for the Money

Best Inverter Generator for the Money

Because of the added inverter technology, inverter generators produce power that is closer to mains power than all other generator designs. And so your devices – even those insanely sensitive electronics- will revel in the stable, consistent power with these types of generators.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to find the best inverter generator for the money, that is, one to deliver the best return on your investment, now that there’s a mass of inverter generators out there.

I should say that this is not just about the priciest or the cheapest inverter generator but which one delivers the best in terms of value.

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First, we’ll start with the reviews of our most recommended models, then move on to the topmost features you should look for so you’ll understand better how to pick out great value.

Can we get started?

Best budget inverter generator reviews

Whether you’re after the best inverter generator for the money to provide backup power for your home/office, regulate life-support equipment, or just need reliable power for your tailgating parties, RV, or worksites, you’ll find these models invaluable.

1. WEN 56125i Portable Inverter Generator, Super Quiet,

This is worth every buck you pay for it.

The reasons why is simple.

To start with, it’s extremely quiet and nothing louder than a normal conversation (51 decibels) making it one of the super quiet inverter generators to beat for barbecues, campgrounds, job sites, etc.

It as well comes equipped with nice up-to-date features including three-prong 120V receptacles (two), a pair of 5V USB ports, parallel connectivity, and indicator lights. Also, save fuel by engaging the eco-mode throttle in this gem.

Plus, the 0.7-gallon tank is ultra-efficient too, and provides 5+ hours of run time (at half-load). It’s also designed lightweight and easy-peasy to tot around your hunting trails, tailgating ground, home, construction sites, and everywhere else.

It can handle most of those vulnerable electronics you throw at it- TVs, cellphones, tablets, computers, and more with its 1250 surge watts of power (and 1000 running watts).


  • Low fuel and low oil automatic shutdown.
  • Quick to start.
  • Easy to carry around.


  • Not powerful enough for big power users.

2.  Pulsar Portable Inverter Generator Gas-Powered

We recommend this if you’re looking for the best budget inverter generator.

Interestingly, this PG2000iSN gas inverter generator includes everything that makes the WEN 56125i model such an exciting choice- easy starts, a comfy operation, and lightweight, compact built.

It even beats it in terms of wattage- you get 2000w peak power (and 1600 running watts), enough to keep more devices running at a go.

Yet, it comes at an incredible price.

There are other things we appreciated too. For instance, you get up to 8 hours continuous runtime from the 1.18-Gallons fuel tank (at half load), again topping the WEN 56125i’s 5 hours.

Plus, it comes complete with a handy low-oil automatic shut-off along with an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) for your peace of mind. In terms of ports, it got two AC 120V (13A) Outlets, one 12V DC (8A) Outlet, and one 5V USB outlet so you still get to charge and power more gadgets at once.

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In short, you potentially got awesome value in this.


  • Brilliant suitcase design.
  • Good fuel consumption in eco mode.
  • Convenient USB outlet.


  • Only one USB outlet compared to WEN 56125i’s two.

3.  Briggs & Stratton PowerSmart Series P3000 Inverter Generator

Finally, here is your best 3000 watt inverter generator for the money, in our opinion.

Of course, it packs a punch and should power everything including a wide range of heavy-duty things- refrigerators, microwaves, RV air conditioners, power tools……you name it.

Plus, you’ll get yourself plenty of goodness here. Topping the list is the massive 1.5-gallon fuel tank resulting in a hugely impressive 10 hours of uninterrupted operation (at 25% load) on a full tank.

The other irresistible feature is the intuitive LCD display to keep you up-to-date with all the vital performance metrics. And oh, the combination of 6-inch wheels and a telescoping luggage-style handle make this perhaps the most portable unit among the 3000w-rated inverter generators we came across.

Combine all these with the useful parallel capability and quiet power technology (automatically adjusts the engine speed to cut down on noise) and you probably have landed the ultimate inverter generator for your projects!

On ports, you have 120V household outlets (4), 12V-5A, DC Outlet (1), a USB port, and one parallel port.


  • The RV adaptor is great for RV applications.
  • Cool gas gauge, hour, and even maintenance meter.
  • Simply a beast.


  • Not CARB compliant

Best inverter generator for the money buyer guide

This section takes you through some general things you’ll want to look at in buying a power generator to find out which one would make the best investment for your money.

It’s all about power output

Your choice of inverter generator necessarily starts with what kinds of devices you have and more specifically their power draw. If you have energy-hungry lights and appliances to power up at once, you’ll want an inverter generator with a lot of muscle (watts).

Take your calculator and do some simple math to figure out your total required wattage to keep everything running for as long as you wish then look for a generator model to match.

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Once you’ve worked out the maximum wattage, the next step is looking at the issue of loud noise and disconcerting vibrations that can trigger endless squabbles with neighbors.

One of the greatest things with inverter generators is that they’re more silent when operating than traditional portable generators as their engines throttle back/up based on load.

But you still need to double-check things since they still have differing dB levels.

Going for a model with noise-dampening features such as insulators, mufflers, and sound-proofed casing would be a good idea.

How portable is the generator?

Two basic things determine generators’ portability: its size and weight. Now, after you’ve sorted the wattage and noise issues, finding a model that is compact and lightweight is the next most important consideration.


If possible, look for one equipped with ergonomic carrying handles (for comfort when lifting and moving about) and things like wheels.

‘Nuff said here!

Fuel economies

These are no gas guzzlers which means you’ll be getting more energy for less money but you still want to run a quick comparison (they’re not equally efficient) and see which tops in fuel efficiency.

We’re looking for the best inverter generator for the money and getting a model with the biggest fuel savings can be significant at the end of the day.

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Additional Options You May want

Also, consider these features to be sure you’re getting the best inverter generator for your bucks:

  1. Safety controls- low fuel and low oil automatic shutdown along with additions such as overload protection protects your generator (and electronics) from damage.
  2. Outlets– the more options in the generator, the better.
  3. Parallel Capability– this allows you to hook up 2 units together for more power output.
  4. Certifications these are a mark of quality and are awarded only to top-notch units.
  5. Easy start system– recoil starts and such innovations make startups less pain.

Of course, generators with built-in inverters are a bit pricey and you don’t want to throw away your money. We hope you found value in this guide or at the very least took something from our eye-opening buyers’ guide to help you find the best inverter generator for your money.

Remember the key to making your inverter generator long-lasting is consistent maintenance aligned with the manufacturer’s recommendations in your operator’s manual.

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