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Best Inverter Generator for RV

Best Inverter Generator for RV

Generally, a generator is a must-have for those having a burgeoning romance with RV living.

The best inverter generator for RV is downright phenomenal if you often have loads of appliances in your fifth wheel needing high-quality power output due to their sensitive electronic circuits.

This guide is a great starting point if you’re in the process of upgrading to an inverter generator your RV. We have ventured out there, looked around at all the leading models, and rounded up the top 3 choices.

Meet them next plus some useful tips to help you compare things when shopping for the inverter generator for RVs (tips come after the reviews).

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Best inverter generator for RV reviews

There was no shortage of options but some models stood out from the crowd. These are the products we are showcasing below so that your RV life will be full of thrill even when you pitch camp somewhere quite remote.

1.  Champion inverter generator

Whether you are a full-timer or a weekend nomad, this should make life less lonely wherever your itinerary takes you.

There is one absolute winner that we especially love here: while many 2800-3500W inverter generators lack the right 30A plugs for RV’s, this thoughtfully features the perfect 30A RV outlet!

More importantly, it powers all those common camping appliances that make your life easier when you take your home to the road- A/C, TV, computer, coffee pot, and more. It actually seems to have lots of power in reserve, considering it features 3100 startup watts and 2800 continuous running watts.

We are looking at about 8 hours of runtime with 25% load from the 1.6-Gallon fuel tank. Another thing: The included wireless starting remote is incredibly convenient and runs excellently as soon as it comes to life.

This unit is commendably quiet too- neighbors on RVs are easily offended by noise so you want a safe bet like this champion (58 dB maximum). We also found the included dedicated push-to-reset circuit breakers and the one location for all the controls very helpful.


  • Easy to wheel around.
  • Comes with a smart charger and a dual-port USB adapter.
  • Automatically enters idle mode to save fuel.


  • No hour meter installed.
  • Still louder than Honda (read about it below).

2.     Honda inverter generator

Another generator you can buy and be over the moon is this Honda inverter generator.

We have looked at it deeply and we are just wowed by this! Here is what makes us believe this is an amazing discovery for RV lifestyle enthusiasts:

First, the noise won’t disturb you at all even when close to your trailer. Then, it runs 2800 watts which is good enough for a wide range of items in your recreational vehicle including the AC simultaneously.

And the thing is, it works smoothly with most of these devices. That it’s lightweight and has the electric start feature (we bet a 2-year-old can start this!) made us love this more.

We haven’t even mentioned its other nice touches led by the ergonomics. A built-in handle and the real smooth wheels are particularly wonderful for easier handling.

Another selling point is that this is one of the most fuel-efficient models suitable for camper vans- it seems to save fuel even when you’ve turned the eco mode off despite the relatively small 2.1 gals fuel tank (can clock 7.2 to 20 hours on a single full tank).

Note that some owners have to invest in an adapter to make this work with their RVs.


  • Quality Honda construction.
  • Compact design.
  • One of the quietest generators. 


  • No hour meter again.

3.  WEN 56200i 2000-Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator

Our top-rated inverter generator for RV reviews cannot be complete without this wonder of a generator.

It’s our least powerful nominee (2000 surge watts, 1600 running watts) but users who don’t run equipment that draw heavy power have a reason to be excited by this.

I must add that you can link any two WENs with the WEN parallel kit if you happen to need more energy when you hit the road less traveled. You’ll also be happy with it if you’re a budget shopper and the Honda is out of reach.

To touch on its abundant awesomeness, the unit’s 79.7cc 4-stroke engine runs at a calm 53 decibels. The product’s indicator lights will alert you about overloads, output, and oil issues, which is nice.

What’s more, the small footprint and carrying handles are saviors when it comes to movement. It always starts and features the fuel-efficient eco-mode as well.

There are more hook ups including 120V and 12V DC receptacles and even a beneficial USB port. It’s nearly flawless and simply a dream for boondockers!


  • Awesome price point.
  • Has a gas gauge.
  • Handy low-oil shutdown.


  • An adapter is necessary with some RVs.

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Buy WEN 56200i 2000 on Amazon

Best Inverter Generator for RV: Shopping Tips

We’re here to help you find the inverter generator that’ll give you unending fun and dependability when you’re parked in an un-powered location for a little while.

So think about the following before you tap the add-to-cart button:

· The power your appliances need

Top of your concerns should be the issue of getting sufficient to power all those common camping appliances. It doesn’t have to be a superpower but failing to get a model that will keep your electronics on for as long as possible means you have played your cards wrong.

Be sure to get a sense of what you’ll be plugging in and the power draw each need. Top rated dual fuel portable inverter generators is one article you can go through to help you decide.

Total this and you’ll have gotten an idea of the minimum wattage your choice should have.

· Separate the noise (and the fights) from your existence

RV camping is fantastic, but a noisy generator can easily turn your fun trip into arguments upon arguments with fellow campers.

Thus, the next basic element in making the decision is cancelling every other generator that doesn’t understand what keeping calm is from your list. We gave you the dB ratings for our choices and they don’t seem bad at all so you could be safe on this aspect if you stick with our recommendations.

You can also check out our recommendations on super quiet inverter generators.

· Consider transportation and storage

Some of us have more muscle and lifting heavy stuff is no big deal. But if you belong to the other lot (and a lot of folks are here), the keywords lightweight and portable will never be far from your thoughts.

Look for something you can lift on your own when out in the wild. Get wheels and handles too, if you can.

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·        What else to look out for

  1. LED display: Some great models will show you how long it’s still to run, wattage, RPMs, etc.
  2. Quick start technology: With features such as electric start, you require nothing more than a simple push of the button to start.
  3. Warning Lights: It can be useful to have warning lights which come on to let you know when you need to add oil/fuel or when it’s overloaded.
  4. Shut-off systems: These are also useful when your generator is low on fuel/oil and puts it off to protect the engine.
  5. User-friendly controls: Check that the controls are responsive and in an accessible position.
  6. Outlets: Some have all the essential plugs.  That’s better than having to purchase an adapter for your RV.

While RV camping is all about relaxing, escaping monotony, and clearing our minds, we still want to stay connected.

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Thankfully, inverter generators have gained more and more momentum in recent years, resulting in even better products for the RVing community.

We have introduced you to the little jewels we found incredibly useful for the passionate camper.

And no matter what your ideal RV trip looks like and what kind of applications you have, these can always be a good solution! Don’t forget to check out our reviews on the best power inverters for semi trucks.

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