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Best Hand Mixers to Buy

Best Hand Mixers to Buy

The power of the best hand mixer above all else, greatly impacts the kind of ingredients you can use and the speed with which you can achieve a perfect mix.

With more and more tools being created to make the baking process a little less tedious, baking has definitely become a fun affair and more of an adventurous escapade over time.

If you like whisking egg whites, whip creams or better yet making cake batters, then a hand mixer is an incredibly useful appliance to have in your kitchen.

Apart from being extremely efficient in getting a more consistent batter, you also get to create baked goods much swifter than you would normally do by hand

Whether you are a professional chef or an at home chef who just likes trying out different recipes to make a killer meal, one thing is for sure having world class tools at your disposal is what ultimately guarantees you a world class meal.

And although there are a number of tools that can aid in perfect baking, one of the most vital and essential tools to have at your disposal is a mixer.

Most especially because the mixer allows you to whip and knead your ingredients as quickly and easily as you possibly could.

Nevertheless, just as with any other pieces of equipment you purchase for your house, picking the right hand mixer is not always as easy as it seems.

More so because apart from picking the right type of mixer, you also need to consider the right brand that will serve you for a much longer period of time.

In this article, we are going to explore the best hand mixer and do some hand mixer reviews to demystify all there is to know about your favorite mixers as well as seek to give you some viable proposals of brands that will serve your cooking and baking needs impeccably.

Best hand mixers reviews

Best hand mixers reviews
Best Hand Mixers to Buy 10

1. ​KitchenAid Hand Mixer- best hand mixer for cookie dough

​The Kitchen Aid 9 speed electric hand mixer is a sleek, speedy mixer that no doubt changes the mixing ball game in the kitchen scene. 

Being a reputable brand that has some of the most remarkable mixers with a history of mixing ingredients in a large scale, Kitchen Aid has managed to gain an edge over its competitors and found a place in virtually every home whether professionally trained to bake or not.

Being an epitome of efficiency, portability, power, strength, durability, sturdiness, and comfort it isn’t that hard to see why the Kitchen Aid hand mixer happens to be amongst the most preferred mixers in the market.

Kitchen Aid 9 speed electric hand mixer Features

  • It has a locking swivel cord that allows for easy right handed or left handed use.
  • It comes with a myriad of added accessories such as the turbo beater accessories, dough hooks, liquid blender rod, accessory bag and the whisk.
  • Its dimensions are 9.4*7.7*5.5 inches.


  • ​Attachments of the Kitchen Aid hand mixer are made from stainless steel which is well known for holding up just fine even after using it for a long period of time.
  • ​The front part of the mixer is vented to help keep the motor cool at all times.
  • ​Both its sleek design and candy apple red color are aesthetically appealing to catch one’s eye.
  • ​It begins slowly and increases its speed periodically. This means that although the mixer may start off at a slow pace, the user is at liberty to prompt the machine to increase its speed depending on the kind of job that the mixer will be undertaking thus It mixes all ingredients uniformly.
  • The design of the hand mixer puts into consideration both the needs of right handed users as well as those of left handed users.
  • It has a fairly comfortable and easy to use design.
  • Unlike other hand mixers you will come across, this one is much quieter.
  • Detaching the attachments from the mixer and attaching the attachments to the mixer is as easy as ABC.


  • ​The power cord is retractable hence making it a tad harder to store the mixer.
  • It has short beaters which might present a challenge especially when one has a deep bowl.
  • You have to punch the button a number of times before you can get it to high speeds.

Besides being a sleek and beautiful mixer, the Kitchen Aid hand mixer also happens to be a fairly comfortable tool that puts into consideration the needs of both the right handed and the left handed users.

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2. ​Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer- best hand held mixer

​​With a fuse of durability and a long history of mixing expertise, the Hamilton Beach hand mixer falls nothing short of an acclaimed high-performance mixer in the kitchen scene.

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Widely loved for the mere fact that it can cater to a wide variety of foods ranging from light egg whites to sticky dough, this 400-watt high-performance mixer is not only great for everyday mixing but also for the thickest of dough that you plan to mix every once in a while.

This is definitely worth getting especially if you are all for durability, versatility and for mixes that need precise control at every speed.

​Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer ​Features

  • It has a 400-watt motor.
  • It has about 12-speed settings.
  • It comes with a user manual that directs the user on how to go about using it and recipes that one can make with the mixer.
  • Its dimensions are 9*14*14 inches.


  • ​Both the attachments and the mixer are dishwasher safe hence making cleaning them a breeze.
  • It has long beaters that reach to the bottom of just about any bowl.
  • It is both easy to disassemble as it is to assemble for cleaning purposes.


  • ​It is a bit weak and wobbly especially when one is making cookie dough.

The Hamilton Beach hand mixer is widely regarded as the best choice for users looking for something that’s a little bit sturdy and much quieter.

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3. ​Cuisinart Hand Mixer

​​The Cuisinart 9 speed hand mixer though an easy to operate mixer performs virtually all tasks that a recipe demands. 

Characterized by its long beaters, chef’s whisk and dough hooks this remarkably amazing mixer is everything any baker would fancy to have around the house.

Cuisinart 9 speed hand mixer Features

  • It is built to North American electrical standards.
  • Along with the mixer come the beaters, chef’s whisk, dough hooks, spatula, and instruction or recipe book that helps put the recipes and how to go about the mixer into perspective.
  • It has about 9-speed options.
  • It has a 1 touch speed control.
  • ​The motor has 220 watts of power that provides ample power needed for mixing the tough dough.
  • It has an automatic feedback.
  • It has 3 low start speeds that help prevent the ingredients from spattering all over the place.
  • Its dimensions are 8.5*3.9*8.9 inches.


  • ​It has an LCD display that helps you know exactly what speed you are on.
  • ​It has a smooth start feature with low speeds that is responsible for ensuring there is little or no splatter.
  • ​It is well labeled to ensure you know exactly where each accessory needs to be.
  • It has an attached storage case that comes in very handy especially when one doesn’t have a lot of space in the cupboards to store the mixer.


  • ​It is a bit heavy compared to other mixers. This is a factor that may greatly affect a user intending to use it for extended periods of time.

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4. ​Oster Hand Mixer- best cheap hand mixer

​The Oster hand mixer is a versatile and easy to use mixer that helps users prepare batch after batch of delicious treats with ease. 

With the 240 watt motor, the mixer is able to mix both light tasks and thick dough alike to a uniformly fine mixture without much of a hustle.

What’s more, it is absolutely the perfect tool if you want to make some nice homemade cakes and muffins.

Oster hand mixer Features

  • It has a 240-watt motor.
  • It has 5-speed settings.
  • Along with the mixer come chrome beaters and dough hooks.
  • It has an ergonomic design for enhanced comfort.
  • Its dimensions are 8.4*4.2*7.3 inches.


  • ​It has a retractable cord.
  • ​The speed is low enough to prevent ingredients from flinging and splattering all over.
  • ​It has a 250-watt motor that provides enough power for mixing and kneading all the contents together.
  • It is both sturdy and strong for prolonged use.


  • ​It comes available in one color shade hence restricts the users the freedom of choice.
  • You have to hold speeds 1, 2 and 3 down for them to work.
  • It is a little noisy.

The Oster hand mixer, though not as strong as a brand like all the other brands has gained a name for itself for being a reliable and efficient mixer over time.

With its 5 speed settings, you will be in a position to have precise control at every speed.

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5. ​VonShef Hand Mixer

​​The VonShef is a 250-watt mixer that helps you effortlessly whisk, knead and mix ingredients into perfect harmony.

Apart from being pretty good at mixing the ingredients, the mixer also happens to be stylishly sleek to capture the eye.

Some of the striking features that give it an edge in the kitchen scene include having a design that is both compact and lightweight.

VonShef Hand Mixer Features

  • It has a 250-watt motor that effortlessly mixes, kneads and whisks away the ingredients.
  • It has 5 distinct speed settings.
  • It is both stylish and sleek.
  • It is very light.
  • Along with the mixer come 2 beaters, 2 dough hooks, and a whisk.


  • ​It has a lightweight nature that allows for convenience and ease of use.
  • All the attachments are dishwasher safe.
  • ​The mixer has a flat end that comes in handy when one needs to set it on the counter between uses.


  • ​The mixer’s slowest setting is not slow enough hence causing ingredients to spatter all over.

The VonShef hand mixer doubles up as a mixer, as well as a kneading and a whisking tool that helps you get all your ingredients mixed up nicely and ready for use in your meals. You will no doubt have a blast using this adorable tool for all your mixing tasks.

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​​Types of hand mixers

Before setting out on a journey to look for the perfect mixer it is vital that you decide on the type of mixer that will best suit your needs.

If your priorities are anything between saving space and money, then the hand mixer will certainly be something worth your while.

This is not only because of the fact that it has a much simpler design compared to the stand mixer but also because it costs much less and takes up less space in your drawer. There are basically two types of hand mixers that you can choose from.

The rotary hand mixer and the electric hand mixer. While there are many differences between the rotary and the electric hand mixer, among the notable differences include the fact that electric hand mixers move automatically whereas with the rotary mixer you have to use a lever to do the mixing.

Benefits of hand mixers

They do not take up much of your counter space owing to their compact nature.

They are easy to clean up.

They are highly portable hence giving you the freedom of moving basically anywhere around the kitchen at ease.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing a Hand Mixer

For you to choose a favorable mixer that will serve your needs to your fulfillment there are certain factors you need to consider while purchasing the hand held mixer. Here are a few tips to purchasing a worthwhile mixer.

The price range

The kind of cooking and baking that you wish to undertake will heavily impact the kind of price range that you choose to go for when looking for a mixer. For instance, if you do baking and cooking at a professional level it is most probable that you would like a mixer that is a bit more powerful for your cooking needs. This essentially means that you have to pick a higher priced model. Inversely, if you often do small scale cooking and baking you might opt for a lower priced model. Additionally, the price range might also go up if you prefer a mixer that has lots of different settings for precision.

The kind of attachments included

Having a mixer alone is not nearly half the battle yet. You have to have remarkably good attachments as well in order to make remarkably good mixtures for your meals. These will include items such as:

  • Dough hook
  • Wire whip
  • Flat Beater

The appearance of the mixer

While it could be satisfying to just stick to a white or black mixer, you’ll agree that having a mixer that adds a little pomp and color to the kitchen is remarkably enthralling.

Especially if you are one that likes to match your tools to the kitchen color shade.

Whether you have a drawer or a counter top big enough to place the mixer

Despite the fact that you can find a wide array of sizes on the market, you need to ultimately decide on a size based on how big of a storage space you have.

The last thing you want to happen is to have a small storage space and a large hand mixer that cannot fit anywhere in your kitchen because then it becomes a burden.


If you are going for an electric mixer, then the wattage is an essential factor that you have to put into consideration during purchase. This is because the wattage of the motor tells you how powerful the motor is and often determines the kind of mixing power that your mixer will have.

Ease of cleaning

While some mixers and their accompanying attachments happen to be pretty easy to clean, that is not necessarily the case for each and every mixer. It is therefore imperative to be on the lookout for something that will be most favorable whether dishwasher safe or not.

Additionally, in looking for an easy to clean mixer, you also have to put into consideration whether the mixer has a single press accessory detachment to facilitate easy cleaning. The last thing you want to do is spend hours trying to figure out how to detach the attachments for you to clean them.

The weight of the mixer

Depending on what you wish to prepare, you might find yourself holding the mixer for much longer periods of time than anticipated. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a mixer that is both light and easy to hold regardless of the span of time you will hold it for.

The kind of material that the beaters are made of

In most cases, the beaters do most of the mixing, kneading, and whisking. As such, they need to be in good shape and made of a material that is able to hold up even the toughest of dough. Anything less than sturdy will mean that you will need to keep on constantly replacing them.

Strength and steadiness of the mixer during the whipping and mixing process.

Among the most important things to consider is whether the mixer will keep on wobbling around during the mixing and kneading. The last thing you want to do especially when you are making batches of dough is have a mixer that won’t keep still because it will splatter the ingredients all over the place. Not to mention the fact that it can be such a drag.

The length of the beaters

The length of your beaters is directly linked to the kind of bowl you intend to use. For instance, if you have a shallow bowl, it goes without saying that you will need short beaters. However, if you have a deep bowl, then you will need beaters that are able to get to the very bottom and reach virtually all ingredients in your bowl. Getting the right kind of beaters helps prevent any splatter and scenarios where your ingredients aren’t fully mixed to your satisfaction.

Identifying the right hand mixer for your kitchen is definitely no easy task.

Especially when you have no prior experience when it comes to the specific features of what you should be on the lookout for in as far as a suitable mixer is concerned.

Nonetheless, we hope that with this guide you will be able to get a best hand mixer that will match your kitchen needs.

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