Clicky 3 Best Grill For Apartment Balcony Reviews
Best grill for apartment balcony

Best grill for apartment balcony

Whether or not you’ll grill on the balcony of your apartment has everything to do with the regulations in your city and state. Your apartment might also have grill rules expressly forbidding grills.

The good news is that some states and cities allow grilling on balconies—as long as you use permitted types of grill. 

Here are our top picks for the best grill for apartment balcony you can buy right now, if you’re a self-proclaimed grill master lucky to live where laws are more relaxed.

Best grill for apartment balcony product

We love these grills for apartment balcony for their versatility, convenience, and relatively friendly price-point. Even if you have a modestly sized balcony, these are pretty compact options and great for cooking a succulent beef steak to perfection. 

1. Cuisinart CGG-240 All Food, Gas Grill

This portable gas grill is our most recommended grill for apartment balcony.

There’s a built in stand to help you move it around easily and substantial grilling capacity so it cooks enough food when you’re holding a party.

There’s nothing this won’t grill- from seafood, cherrytomatoes, bread and pizza, hamburgers, meats, sweet potatoes,  and more- and they all taste so yummy.

The combination of the 240-square-inches surface and the double-walled stainless steel cover means it distributes heat perfectly and your family and friends will be asking for more chicken,  lamb kebabs, pork chops, etc. with this grill.

We also love the easy-to-use temperature control (features a nice electric ignition and a handy built in thermometer).

As a bonus, you get a gas regulator monitor to help you track the gas from the propane tank and a drip tray to help collect grease and other drippings for quick clean up. And oh, this folds up flat for storage!


  • Cooks evenly.
  • Super compact.
  • Folds for storage/transport.


  • Somewhat complicated to assemble.

2. Weber Original Kettle Charcoal Grill 22-Inch

This Original Kettle Charcoal Grill from Weber is miles ahead of the competition thanks to its impressive collection of innovative features.

In fact, to say that this is contemporary is an understatement. Top of the pile is the porcelain-enameled bowl and lid that give it unmatched heat retention and the easily adjusting dampers that make temperature control easy-peasy.

We also appreciate the unprecedented one-touch cleaning system that makes removal of charcoal ash and other debris quick and easy (waste is swiped into the unique ash catcher).

There’s plenty to like here including an angled lid hook that lets you conveniently hang the lid on the side and a heat shield to keep your lid handle cool.

This is actually multi-purpose and you can even use it as a smoker when the craving for that smoky taste strikes.


  • Resists cracking, rusting, and peeling.
  • Excellent assembly instructions (via the BILT app).
  • Quite easy to use.


  • Legs don’t fold.

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3. Portable Davy Crockett Green Mountain Wi-Fi Control Wood Pellet Grill

This is the grill to take your culinary skills to the next level if you’re looking for a use-anywhere unit.

You see, this runs on both 12V or 120AC making it perhaps the best grill for those who want a unit they can use from their home balconies or take to weekend camps, tailgate parties, music festivals, and more.

You can even use wood pellets here and enjoy outstanding flavor!

The best part? It weighs a mere 57 lbs. and comes with fold-able legs to boot. There other highlights in this Wi-Fi enabled unit are the meat temp probe you can control remotely (from the iOS/Android mobile app) and rib racks (in case you want to grill more delicious ribs).

Like the rest, everything comes out tender and super juicy and it’s big enough to grill larger delicacies such as Turkey and large briskets.


  • Grill-cum-smoker.
  • Nice convenience tray (with utensil hooks)
  • Helpful Wi-Fi and app.


  • Manual not very well written.

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Best grill for apartment dwellers- shopping guide

To help you find the best grill for apartment balcony, here are some tips you need to know.

a) Know your budget

How much are you willing to spend on a balcony-compliant grill? Try to narrow down on the models suiting your budget and compare them to save time.

b) Choose your preferred fuel type

You may not have the same flexibility as those shopping for grills to use from their backyards but you still have to settle on an ideal fuel type depending on what your municipality or landlord allows.

To point you in the right direction when it comes to the fuel options, here are the typical alternatives:

Charcoal: To most grilling enthusiasts, nothing beats the smell of a charcoal grill being fired up. However, I’m afraid that many apartment and condo owners forbid charcoal for obvious reasons (carbon monoxide and fire hazard) and you may have to look elsewhere.

Gas: While studies are yet to prove that gas is healthier, it does burn cleaner and can be a sensible choice. Gas models (propane/natural) also heat up pretty fast.  However, gas grills for small spaces can be a costly investment (propane tank or connection to natural gas pipeline required).

Electricity: This will give you nowhere near the smokier, richer flavor of delicacies cooked on charcoal grills but it’s another viable alternative when the conventional grills are found lacking. You’ll require a properly located outlet to grill with an electric grill.

c) What is its exact size?

Grills with small footprint don’t have fixed sizes.

As such, you should measure the size of your balcony (the spot you’ll be using it from) before anything else.

It’s also important to provide some room for guests milling around the grill when measuring.

It’s easier to find a perfectly-sized unit with these measurements.

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d) Inspect the construction quality

To be honest, this is a no brainer- nobody wants to invest in a ‘rubbish’ product in the name of saving money because you’ll end up paying more on a replacement.

To avoid disappointment, check the build materials and quality control. We are so keen on durability and all the units that have made it into our final list are of premium quality and made of more durable materials. 

e) What features do you want?

Does it feature wheels to help you move it around? Does it come with a stand to place your barbeque?

What other accessories does it include?

For instance, a hook (to hold the lid) would be nice as would nonstick plates and even an ash catcher (charcoal grills).

If you’re the type that loves grilling tasty steak in a small apartment balcony, then you’ll do best to select one of the above models.

The hints and tips we have shared here will help you narrow down on the most ideal unit.

One final tip: When using the grill on the balcony, take all the essential safety steps.

Read the owner’s manual for all the safety precautions if unsure.

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