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Best grill cover for weber genesis

With a masterful design, world-class grilling engine, and consistent performances, Weber genesis is no ordinary grill. But like the rest, grilling enthusiasts need a cover to protect this wonderful grill from falling twigs, dirt, dust, tree sap, extreme weather, and other spoilers during your backyard barbecues and cookouts.

As such, we have a few go-to choices among the grill covers that fit Weber Genesis BBQ grills in the market right now for those looking for the best grill cover for weber genesis.

Plus, we have added a checklist of what to look for before you buy to help you find something that will be a perfect match for your Weber Genesis.

Best grill cover for weber genesis- best 3 choices

Embrace the torrential rainfall, freezing snow, and blistering sun with these lightweight yet long-lasting grills covers for weber genesis grills.

1. Kingkong Grill Cover – for Weber Genesis S and E Series

This fits Weber Genesis S and E Series and is a great choice. In fact, it has been made of 100% polyester fabric making it especially resistant to water and extreme temperatures.

The fabric is heavy duty and as tough as nails- just one tug will tell you that this material means business- and will provide your grill full protection for the long haul. Plus, it breathes fine so you will never again worry about condensation building up between the grill and the cover. 

It’s easy to handle (easily slides on/off) and the Velcros wonderfully secure the cover to the grill. This premium grill cover comes with nice bonus tools including a grill brush, tongs, and a thermometer.

And oh, we love the logo on the front (it looks so cute)!


  • Generous 3-year warranty.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Great Velcro straps.


  • We’re struggling to find a weakness.

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2. Weber 7130 Cover Black (L: 58 inches W: 25 inches H: 44.5 inches)

Two words summarize everything here: Unmatched excellence! We love everything about this cover.

From the workmanship (even the seams seem perfect) to the choice of material (you again have heavy duty polyester) and to the way it fits, we are in awe of this cover.

In addition, it covers the models it’s designed for completely and looks really good (it’s for Genesis II 3 burner, Genesis II LX 300 series, and Genesis 300 Series grills).

It’s made of a little lighter material so it’s pretty easy to throw over your grill but it’s by no means of inferior quality (It’s from Weber so you cannot expect something flimsy). We also appreciate that it repels moisture exceptionally well. We should add that it’s one of the more pliable covers out there.


  • Resists sun, tearing, and fading very well.
  • Easy to put on, remove, cleanup, and store.
  • Amazing fit.


  • Somewhat expensive. 

3. Homitt Gas BBQ Grill Cover

The size of Homitt cover means it covers a sea of BBQ grills including most Weber Genesis units.

The list of compatible units is pretty huge and includes Weber Genesis E-310 grill, Weber Genesis II 310, Weber Genesis II E-410, Weber Genesis E330, and nearly every Weber Genesis with 3 – 4 burners.

It’s a solid option for someone who wants to keep their grill pristine and free of stuff and features some nice surprises including an inside weatherproof liner.

There’s also the extra protection coating on the outer cover to keep the blazing sun at bay. More importantly, Homitt has used the 600D Oxford fabric, one of our favorite materials for grill covers thanks to its outstanding durability, impressive breathability, and   waterproof quality.

Do you live in a notoriously windy area? Well, this comes with hook/loop fasteners (on both sides) and will hold on to your grill tight even when the wind blows at insane speeds.


  • Good price.
  • Handy storage bag.
  • Easy on/off design.


  • The Velcro at the bottom not cinch to use.

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Best grill cover for weber genesis- buying guide

Don’t be swayed by the looks only- try to look for something that will last and that is a breeze to use.

Here is what else you should care about and the questions to ask when shopping for the best grill cover for weber genesis.

  • Will it fit your grill?

We cannot think of something more important than this. And, there’s no shortcut here- you’ve got to have the dimensions of your BBQ grill at hand before you start shopping.

Regrettably, manufacturers don’t always put a compatibility list online (though you can reach out to Weber) so this might be wholly on you.

  • Go for waterproof material (and make sure it’s really waterproof)

There are cheaper imitations, some claiming to be waterproof. Now, such a model allows rain to seep through easily and get trapped on the grill under your cover.

One may even think you have put a big wet blanket over your BBQ grill! Pick waterproof, breathable material like heavy-duty polyester.

  • Tough, durable fabrics is the way to go

Sticking with materials, covers made with fabrics that resist wearing, ripping and tearing offer more value in the long run even if you may have to more at the start.

Even so, be sure that the fabric is easy to put on and take off your grill because we have seen sturdy materials that are a tad difficult to put over the grill.

  • Construction quality

When it comes to workmanship, sealed seams enhance water resistance and are preferred.

Also check for models with UV protection as they won’t be fading easily.

You may also want an adjustable fit for obvious reasons (Velcro straps that you can tighten/loosen will provide a more secure fit).

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  • Warranty

A quality grill cover should last for many seasons with some love and care.

That said, buying a cover with a longer warranty will give you peace of mind when it comes to likely manufacturer defects.

  • Other considerations
  1. Ease of cleaning– care is vital and it will need occasional cleaning.
  2. Internal lining– helps prevent wear and tear.
  3. Bonuses– things like pockets to hold the utensils offer extra convenience.

Caring and maintaining your newly-acquired cover

If your home is in a very humid area, it’s important to remove the cover periodically. This lets the grill catch some breathe and will expel any moist air trapped in there.

Otherwise, your unit may rust because of the wetness. We also recommend that you wipe down the grill once a week, if you live near the ocean, to get rid of the salt deposits and gathered moisture.

No grill matches weber genesis brand’s combination of mouthwatering performance, longevity, usability, and value. These covers will keep it protected and working at its best for many grilling seasons. 

It’s now your call!

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