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Best Griddles

Best Griddles

A griddle is one tool that has managed to cause an uproar in the kitchen scene time and again for its imminent importance and being a pertinent fixture for breakfast in many modern homes. That’s why we emphasis on investing in the best griddles in the market.

Despite the fact that griddles are well known for making pancakes and French toast, this appliance also doubles up to offer a favorable cooking surface for making sauté vegetables, flatbread, warming tortillas and cooking burgers and seafood. Call it a jack of all trades if you like.

Apart from being a rather handy accessory, the griddle also happens to offer a large enough cooking surface to cook meals that can be savored by the entire family. This is one aspect that makes it all the more preferred especially by people who cook food for a large number of people.

In this product review, we are going to demystify all there is to know about the griddles including the various types of griddles available in the market and some of the popular brands that will be worth your while in terms of overall performance.

6 Best griddles review 

​Lets proceed to an in-depth review of the best griddles available in the market.

​​​​1. ​ Presto 07211 liddle griddle

​This line of griddles has become rather popular among a number of both at home chefs and professional chefs all over the globe.

Not only for the fact that it offers a return on value and an in built channel that aids in catching the extra grease, but also because it has an easy to clean design and a small enough surface to fit just about any storage space.

More to that, the appliance also happens to have a lightweight construction that aids in portability and a master heat control that helps the user adjust the temperatures to a more optimal setting.

What’s more, it also has a cast aluminum base which garners it points’ in as far as even cooking is concerned.

Uses  of Presto 07211 liddle griddle

This appliance can double up as an electrical skillet and gas grill if need be with the only downside being its small size.

In as far as its uses are concerned, you will most certainly have your fill with this particular appliance because it is not only a valuable help in cooking pancakes but also in preparing bacon, eggs, and even hamburgers.

Features of Presto 07211 liddle griddle

For even cooking purposes, it is made of cast aluminum which is well known for even distribution of heat.

It has a master heat control that automatically maintains optimal temperatures.

This griddle occupies about 2.9 by 14.4 by 11.1 inches on your counter space.

 It weighs about 3.3 pounds which is fairly reasonable considering you might have to move it from


  • ​It has an automatic temperature control that helps the user cook food at optimal temperatures.
  • ​It features a drip of grease tray that in essence helps channel any excess fat away from the food.
  • ​It just so happens to be both dish washer safe once the heat control is removed as well as submersible in water hence making the cleanup process a breeze.
  • ​It maintains high temperatures for longer periods of time which is important especially when one is preparing foods such as pancakes.


  • ​The cooking surface is generally very fragile and hence gets easily scratched by metal instruments.
  • Despite having a drip tray, the griddle still spills if one doesn’t empty it out before cooking fatty or greasy food.
  • It is relatively small and hence cannot accommodate a lot of food.

Being a simple appliance to understand and use, the Presto 07211 griddle no doubt happens to be a valuable appliance to have around the kitchen area.

With its compact size and its remarkably unique features, you will certainly have a blast using this appliance around your kitchen.

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​2. ​Oster CKSTGRFM18W-ECO Dura Ceramic Griddle

​Over time, through the stellar reviews that it gets, the Oster griddle has gradually become one of the best griddles in the kitchen scene thus far.

With this appliance, you can cook just about any tasty treat be it for your own consumption or for the savoring of the entire family.

There’s no reason for you to miss out on any delicacy because the Oster griddle will handle any type of meal that you would want to savor.

Among its strong points include the fact that it has a large enough surface area to accommodate a meal for the entire family and the fact that it happens to be completely free of any manufactured chemicals hence guaranteeing you health at every step of the way.

What’s more, it also prides itself in not only being versatile but also easy to use as well.

You can use the Oster griddle for a number of uses including but not limited to making sausages, eggs, bacon, pancakes, sautéing onions and mushrooms as well as hash browns and chicken.


It features a unique and innovative Dura Ceramic non-stick ceramic coating.

It is free of chemicals such as PTFE and PFOA.

Its cooking surface is approximately 10 by 18 inches large.


  • ​It has a warming tray right underneath that is meant to keep the already cooked food at the optimal temperature at least until you are ready to serve the food.
  • It has a Dura Ceramic non-stick coating that enhances its overall durability to up to four times.
  • It has an inbuilt channel that facilitates the disposal of grease.
  • It has cool touch handles that help ensure the user’s safety whilst handling the hot griddle.


  • ​It doesn’t have something in place to hold the grease and warming trays when you move the griddle and hence they end up falling out with a single move.

The Oster griddle, though not as strong as a brand like all the other brands has gained a name for itself for being a reliable and efficient griddle over time.

With its large cooking surface and its remarkably unique nonstick coating, it is safe to say that it certainly brings a lot to the table as a brand. You will no doubt have a blast using this remarkably unique and innovative appliance any day any time.

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3. ​Blackstone Portable Table Top Camp Griddle

​​The Blackstone portable table top camp griddle is the quintessence of compactness and convenience that helps make your outdoor experience a little more bearable. Aside from being remarkably easy to clean, this piece of equipment also happens to have some amazing features that give it an edge over most of its contenders in the kitchen scene and more specifically in the griddle scene.

If you love camping and dread carrying loads of pans for your cooking escapades, then this will be just perfect for you as you can prepare a myriad of meals therein.

Uses of Blackstone portable table top camp griddle

Blackstone is ideal for cooking hot dogs, burgers, stir fry, steaks, sautéed mushrooms and onions, bacon, hash browns, pancakes, eggs and so much more.

Features of Blackstone portable table top camp griddle

It offers about 260 square inches of cooking surface.

It has a stainless steel burner that heats up pretty fast to facilitate swift cooking.

It features grease trays that help get rid excess fat.


  • ​Easy to clean and very effective

​The Blackstone griddle provides you with an amazing array of features that help make your outdoor cooking experience a little bit more interesting.

With its amicably large size and its versatility, it has been able to appeal to people who have a liking for the country side and outdoor activities.

​4. ​Presto 07061 Electric Griddle

​​Apart from being solely responsible for granting you infinite food preparation opportunities it also happens to be an exquisitely sleek appliance that will dazzle you off your feet.

What’s more, when it all boils down to quality and durability, this appliance definitely bags all the points.

Uses of Presto 07061 Electric Griddle

Pancakes, French toast, bacon, grilled cheese, and eggs are just but a few of the many delicacies that you can prepare using your handy and capable griddle.

Features of Presto 07061 Electric Griddle

  • It has a master heat control that maintains the desired temperature.
  • It has a nonstick surface that provides for stick free cooking.
  • It has latch clips that help detach the handles from the griddle base.
  • Its cooking surface is extra large to accommodate enough food to feed the entire family.
  • It features removable handles for easy cleaning and compact storage.
  • It will occupy about 26.25 by 11.5 by 2.5 inches of space on your counter.
  • It weighs about 6.5 pounds which is fairly reasonable in case the user has to move it around the kitchen area.

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  • ​It has a nonstick surface and removable handles that make cleanup a particularly easy affair.
  • ​It has a master heat control that helps adjust the cooking temperature to the most optimal setting.
  • ​The cooking surface is in itself knurled to prevent food from sticking on to the surface of the griddle.
  • It is exceptionally large without necessarily commanding a lot of space and hence leaves enough free space on the counter for you to still prepare food comfortably.
  • It has a slip-out drip tray that catches all the grease that may be in your food so as to leave your food less fatty.


  • ​The heating surface is uneven hence causing some parts to be much hotter than others.
  • There have been cases of a slight discoloration after some time.
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