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Best Dual Fuel Inverter Generator Reviews

Best Dual Fuel Inverter Generator Reviews

Dual fuel inverter generators mostly operate off gas or propane and can be the best option if you don’t want to be stuck in the dark when unable to get your regular type of fuel.

To give you a clear picture, it could be hard to get gas after a storm and you’ll be in trouble if you own a gas-only inverter generator. Now, this article will come in handy if you want to invest in a generator with duel fuel abilities.

Not only will you find detailed best dual fuel inverter generator reviews in here, but we also have some great shopping tips to point you in the right direction.

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Our best dual fuel inverter generators come first.

Top-rated dual fuel inverter generator reviews – the 3 models we like best

There are many brands of dual fuel inverter generators available in the market but only a few are worth their price in terms of performance and features.

Here are the three models we found best in terms of features, reliability, and more:

1.  Champion Dual Fuel 3800-Watt RV-Ready Inverter Generator (with Electric Start)

First off is what could be the best dual fuel inverter generator for RV in the market.

Wondering why?

Well, it’s one of the few dual fuel inverter generators to come with the 30A outlet that is so essential for RVs. In short, this is truly RV-ready!

There’s more to it than just coming set for RV boondock camping right out of the box including a magnificent electric start and a digital Intelligauge, an amazing invention that lets you monitor volts, Hz, and hours and keep track of maintenance intervals.

The other big news here is the built-in surge protector, nicknamed the Volt Guard which keeps harmful spikes in voltage at bay, safeguarding your appliances.

The nice folding handle combined with never-flat tires makes it very mobile. It’s also a durable model thanks to the cast iron sleeve.

With this, you’re walking away with a generator that gives 9 hours on gasoline and 10 1/2 hours on propane. For similar propane powered inverter generators read this.


  • Well-built fuel selector switch.
  • Low-oil shut-off sensor.
  • Runs a lot of things including 15000 BTUs RV air conditioner. 


  • Louder than some.
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2.     Pulsar PG2200BiS 2200W Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

Convenience meets versatility in this terrific dual fuel inverter generator.

Everything that you wish for is once again available here: parallel capability, fairly quiet operation (60dB), a good 4-Stroke, air-cooled engine, reasonable power output (2200 peak watts-1600 running watts), and more.

The USB port is another added advantage along with the fabulous compact design (looks like a carrying case!). We didn’t believe it at first considering its tiny size but this masterpiece of a generator runs for an impressive 8 hours (gas) and for 75 minutes on 1 lbs. LPG tank!

Overall, the PG2200BiS is perfect to bring along to your campgrounds, tailgating events, or install as backup power at home, etc. Also, keep in mind that it cranks up with just a few pulls even on propane unlike some of the competitors in the 2200 Watts range.

The propane hose is included.


  • Super portable.
  • Little noise.
  • A breeze to use.


  • No hour meter.
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3. Westinghouse iGen4500 dual-fuel Inverter Generator 3700

The Westinghouse iGen4500 is also without an equal with its 4500 starting watts and 3700 running watts, which is good enough to run devices the rest can’t.

Setting it apart from the competition is features like the wireless remote start along with the push-button electric start which makes it incredibly easy to fire up.

Add to this the LED display that shows the remaining hours, power output, fuel, and voltage as well as the RV-ready outlet (TT-30R), for those needing something for travel trailers.

It’s immensely adaptable and has a pair of 20A household outlets plus built-in USB ports making it great also for emergency backup power during storms.

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That’s not all: there is class-leading fuel efficiency to save you constant refilling (who likes that?). The company has also given portability the attention it deserves and this again features a super lightweight, petite design (with superb wheels and a brilliant suitcase-style handle).

I almost forgot that it’s the quietest dual fuel inverter generator (52 dB) in our best dual fuel inverter generators! Long story short, you have a huge decision to make with this.


  • Effortlessly movable.
  • Pretty powerful.
  • Remote start (ignites from 109 yds. away)


  • Really faultless.
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Dual fuel inverter generators- buying guide

Choosing the right inverter generator for your various power applications is easy so don’t let the sea of information out there scare you.

Simply follow these guidelines:

Work out the watts you need

Just work out the total amount of power your items need.

To a great extent, your typical generator applications will determine the watts you’ll require your choice to have to be useful for your tools and appliances.

The following guide can form the basis of your decision:

1. Small portable generators

These provide enough juice to power your household appliances. Your box fan, some lights, TV, and cellphone chargers will all be handled comfortably.

Wattage range: Up to 1000 watts is fine.

2.      Recreational generators

Outside the home, you could need more because of devices like electric griddles, AC, and such.

Go higher than the smaller units. We have reviewed the best inverter generator for 30 amp rv.

Wattage range: Depending on load, we find anything from 2000 to 3000 watts perfect for camping needs.

3.      Jobs sites generators

Medium to larger generators are best for work sites because you could have hungrier power tools like drills, paint sprayers, and even air compressors.

Wattage range: There is no specific upper limit (it comes down to your actual needs) but it’s best not to fall below 5000 watts if you have big tools.

4.      Storm/Emergency generators

Medium to big emergency generators pack enough punch and should simultaneously power your survival appliances, including refrigerators, furnace fans, etc.

Wattage range: Depends on the number of things you want to run but most people find the 3000-6000 watts range good to start with.

Of course, a higher-wattage dual fuel generator lets you plug in a higher number of electronics and lights at once and you may want such if you think you’ll be adding more items.

·        Establish your budget

Like other types of generators, prices here fall across quite a wide range and determining the amount you’d like to pay is important.

Best inverter generator for the money

·        Consider included generator features

Also, determine the features that matter the most to you depending on your budget. Here are the commonest:

  1. Handles and wheels: fold-down handles along with wheel kits are great for portability.
  2. Larger fuel tank: affords extra runtime.
  3. Circuit-breakers: prevents damage caused by generator overload.
  4. Integrated fuel gauge: helps track gas/propane usage.
  5. Special features: Generators nowadays come with an array of smart features to make operation easier and safer. These include low-oil and fuel shutdowns, error alert systems, etc.

·        Think about the outlets

Be sure to select a dual fuel generator with sufficient outlets and the correct kinds of outlets. Your exact needs again have the biggest say on this.

If you are, for instance, planning to run higher wattage items such as a window air con, a 30A locking-type outlet would be essential.

Our best dual fuel inverter generator reviews should help you purchase a fantastic asset and you’ll enjoy the great versatility this equipment brings.   On a more personal note, I prefer propane because it’s safer and easier to store than liquid fuel.

I don’t know about you but either way, the models we have mentioned here are too good to pass up.

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