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Best Countertop Water Filter

Best Countertop Water Filter

Drinking water is an indispensable part of our daily life. And most of us are familiar with drinking tap water.

Even though it is convenient and low-cost, there are still some possible threats to your health.

Tap water may contain several contaminants which can lead to many health issues.
Therefore, many people are trying to get a countertop water filter to guarantee that they consume clean water.

If you are looking for the best countertop water filter, this article is for you. We have researched everything about it and given you a comprehensive guide to how to buy the countertop water filter as well.

7 Best Countertop Water Filter 2021 Reviews

But first of all, let?s shed light on some outstanding names in the list of top countertop water filters!
Reading their pros and cons can allow you to make the right decision.

1. APEC Portable Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter – Our Choice

One of the best countertop water filters we would like to introduce first is the APEC filter. It can eliminate almost all contaminants in the water (up to 99 percent).

With this filter, you no longer have to worry about harmful metals, bacteria, and parasites. This filter has a filtration process including four different stages.

It can increase the pH level of the water and reduce acidity at the same time. The alkalinity is improved, which explains why many nutritionists recommend this filter.

Another advantage you need to know is its minimal maintenance. You do not have to clean it often. And its capacity can help you deal with a vast amount of water at one time.

Also, the APEC filter is very portable, so you can carry it easily to wherever you want. It is suitable for almost all types of kitchens around the world.

Besides, an interesting fact about APEC is that you contribute to their donation program with every purchased product.

Therefore, as you are getting clean water for yourself and your family, you also help bring clean water to people in need somewhere else in the world.

As the quality is excellent, the price of this filter is quite high, which makes it unaffordable for many people. Besides, it does not have independent faucet.

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  • Alkaline water is more beneficial for our health
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Very portable,?Lightweight
  • Large capacity
  • Top rated brand

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  • The price is a little bit higher than others
  • No independent faucet

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2 Travel Berkey Water Filter – Best For Portability

If you need everything in a small size filter, the Travel Berkey product can be a perfect option for you. It can eradicate heavy metals thanks to the arsenic and fluoride filters.

There are different sizes, ranging from 1.5 to 6 gallons, to make it more adaptable to different uses.

The manufacturer claimed that the filter could eliminate most harmful contaminants, including cysts, parasites, pesticides, organic solvents, or pathogenic bacteria. It can also remove heavy metals, ensuring clean water.

The longevity of this filter is quite good as you can deal with 3,000 gallons before any possible replacement.

3m under sink water filter

Besides, you will find another attractive feature of this filter when it can help eliminate food coloring but still maintains beneficial substances in your water.

Its name also reveals that you can bring it when you travel, depending on which size you are going to choose. The Travel Berkey filter is an outstanding addition to your trip as you can enjoy purified water in a low-cost way.

The disadvantages of this filter include the high price and lack of indication for water level. As a result, you may find it difficult to tell the amount of water inside.

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  • Outstanding capacity
  • Simple setup and use
  • Easy to bring to anywhere
  • Great taste and healthier water
  • Different Sizes
  • Very durable

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  • The cost is quite high
  • No indication for water level

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3. Home Master Jr F2 Countertop Water Filtration System – Compact Design

The first advantage of the Home Master filter is its simple and compact design. You can install or uninstall it without much effort.

Typically, no tools are necessary to get it done. Therefore, this filter is suitable for people who have temporary accommodation but still care to improve water quality.

You may need a little space for it; however, the sink top is where you rarely use for other purposes, so there is no problem to worry about!

This Home Master filter enables you to enjoy the water without contaminants. It eliminates most parasites and bacteria.

Other adverse chemicals, such as chlorine or fluoride, are also not in the water to make you sick anymore.

The only thing that we find disappointed in this product is its short filter life. To guarantee that the filter is capable of removing all fluoride, you may need to replace it quite often, usually every three months.

Even though the replacement is particularly simple, you need to think about it carefully before buying.

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  • Compact design,?Portable
  • Better water smell and taste
  • Being able to remove fluoride
  • Simple installation or uninstallation

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[su_list icon=”icon: warning” icon_color=”#bf000a”]

  • Frequent replacement
  • Short filter life

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4. Megahome Countertop Water Distiller – Best For Water Purity

You can find out more about different types of water filters we mention below. A water distiller is well known for its ability to purify the water completely.

So if you are interested in the purity, the Megahome countertop water distiller can be the best machine for you.

To do so, the Megahome distiller does not let plastic contact with your water. All the main parts of the filter, such as coils, storage tanks, or the inside part, come from glass or 304 stainless steel.

Therefore, it can ensure purity to the fullest extent. You can also count on its safety because of the UL Mark.

The design of this distiller is simple but efficient. It helps to reduce the possibilities of unwanted accidents.

Even when you operate the filter overnight, you can rely on its automatic shut off mechanism.

Typically, it takes more or less 5 hours to finish the distillation. Later, it will shut off. If there is any water remaining, the cleaning process will not take you much time and effort either.

On the other hand, electricity is necessary for its operation, so you may not find it as portable as other products on this list.

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  • Compact design,?Portable
  • Better water smell and taste
  • Being able to remove fluoride
  • Simple installation or uninstallation
  • Great warranty and customer service

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[su_list icon=”icon: warning” icon_color=”#bf000a”]

  • Processing water may take much money
  • Electricity is needed

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5. Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine – Best For Alkaline Water

When it comes to alkaline water, no other product seems to surpass this model. Bawell Platinum Ionizer is the best countertop water filter for that job.

This ionizer has two different streams for water. On the one hand, it produces water with high level of ph. The other stream creates low pH water.

Alkaline water has many advantages, especially when it comes to aestheticism. You will see a silky and smooth texture with a pleasant smell and taste.

Furthermore, alkaline water is believed to have anti-oxidation impacts. However, the issue is still controversial, and there has been no definite conclusion.

On the other hand, when the pH level is low, the acidic water is suitable for you to wash veggies and fruits.

You should not consume this water directly because it might be responsible for several problems in the body.

Besides, the sour taste may make you feel unpleasant. There are two filters in this ionizer machine. Before going into the ionizing step, the water will pass through a pre-activated carbon filter to eliminate several chemicals and sediments.

They have a significant impact on not only the removal of contaminants but also the ionizer longevity. You can use the filter and replace it when the mileage indicator tells you.

This filter requires electricity for its operation. Besides, its high price is something that makes many people take into consideration.

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  • Two different streams to make acidic or alkaline water
  • Easy installation
  • Need only low water pressure for operation
  • Get pre-filters
  • Have mileage indicator to show when to replace

[/su_list] [/lgc_column]

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[su_list icon=”icon: warning” icon_color=”#bf000a”]

  • Electricity is needed
  • High cost

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6. Countertop Portable Universal 5-stage Reverse Osmosis Purification Water System – Simple Installation

If you have a chance to find out more about Reverse Osmosis water filter, you will see that it has many outstanding advantages.

And we introduce you this purification water system to help you improve the water quality on your own.

This system can be suitable for most kitchen faucets, and you do not need a plumber to install. The installation process may take only a few minutes.

The Universal RO water system is an appropriate choice if you live in an apartment or even when you are traveling.

It has five different stages to remove almost all harmful elements, such as heavy metals and minerals. Pure and clean water will come out quickly and be healthier to drink.

The manufacturer also provides adapters to help the filter fit most faucets in the kitchen.

Does it have any drawback? Some users said that the leakage is possible to happen.

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[su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#00bf08″]

  • Easy to install the system in your kitchen
  • Eliminate almost all contaminants
  • Five different stages to produce high-quality water

[/su_list] [/lgc_column]

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[su_list icon=”icon: warning” icon_color=”#bf000a”]

  • Possible leakage

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7. Ecosoft Countertop Water Filter – Best Budget

In terms of the best countertop water filter for the money, you should consider the Ecosoft product.

It is an excellent example of models that give you uncontaminated water at a limited budget.

You will not find contaminants in your water after using this filter, including heavy metals, chlorine, sediment particles, terrible smell, and taste.

Another fantastic feature of the Ecosoft filter is that the model gives you everything necessary to help you install it quickly.

You will get a small plastic wrench which is sufficient for the installation. Also, maintenance is not a problem when you use this product.

It usually happens every six months when you have dealt with about 1,500 gallons of water.

What?s the disadvantage? Many users have reported the difficulty understanding its instructions, so the installation becomes more challenging than they thought.

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  • Reasonable price
  • Low maintenance
  • Remove almost all contaminants efficiently

[/su_list] [/lgc_column]

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[su_list icon=”icon: warning” icon_color=”#bf000a”]

  • Some people may find it hard to understand the instructions on how to install it

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Types Of Countertop Water Filters

Have you made your decision after going through our top 7 best countertop water filters? Possibly you are not sure, aren?t you?

We are going to mention more details about various types of countertop water filters on the market right now.

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. After this part, you can understand better which one is suitable for you.

a) Filter Dispenser

Filter dispenser possesses so many benefits that it seems to be the favorite of both small and large families. It works efficiently, comes at a reasonable price and does not need electricity to run. It is also quite portable.

This type of water filter includes chambers (one upper and one lower) and several filter elements in the middle part. You should fill the upper tank, and then wait until the water passes to the lower chamber for purifying, through the filters.

This process completes within only several hours. One of the best advantages of filter dispenser is there is no need for electricity. You can place it almost anywhere, whether in the office or on your kitchen countertop.

The drawback of this type is that you have to remember to fill it up after a few days. If you want to reload the tank much more easily, use a pull out kitchen faucet.

b) Water Distiller

Water distiller becomes essential when there is a need for extreme water purity. Through distillation, it condenses all contaminants, including most chemicals, heavy metals, and sediments, for removal.

Water is boiled up in the water distiller before it passes the steam through coils. Then, water becomes pure liquid which should run into a container.

However, water distiller does not produce the same results in every case. It is possible that you get medical-grade water which is refresh and sweet. For some people, the liquid may seem funky even though they have to wait for hours.

The difference comes from the materials the manufacturers used to create your machines.
This type of water filter typically has a moderate size, and you can use it for a few gallons at a time. Therefore, it is more fitting for small families.

c) Water Ionizer

If you are interested in more advanced water filters, water ionizer may be a suitable option.

Many people compare it to the Rolls-Royce in the field of water processing, when it comes to both price and quality. The primary mechanism of a water ionizer is electrolysis.

This process creates cathodic water as the water?s positive ions goes to the negative electrodes. Meanwhile, negative ions go to the other side, creating oxidized water.

Cathodic water is usually sweeter and has several health benefits, thanks to its anti-oxidation qualities and high alkalinity. It can help improve the blood pH and prevent many diseases, including allergies, skin irritations, or cancer.

There are still controversies over the effects of this water filter. However, you can feel its smell and taste immediately when the water comes out.

d) Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filter

This type is among the most versatile filters on the market. It can cope with almost all contaminants that are likely to cause polluted water, such as sediments, heavy metals, or chemicals.

Its price is reasonable as well. The only disadvantage of this filter is its overwhelming size.
For aesthetic reasons, people usually get RO filter under the sink.

Fortunately, many manufacturers have tried to improve their design and installation lately.
If you have a large kitchen, RO system is one of the best countertop water filters you should buy. It is useful, especially when your family has a high likelihood to suffer from contaminated waters.

Sink-Top Filter

In terms of saving space, money, or time, sink top filter seems to surpass all other types in the list.
This simple system is usually integrated into the faucet system. The process of water filtering will happen before the water comes out of the tap. Therefore, it does not take much space in your kitchen.

Putting it near the faucet, you still have plenty of room for other activities. Even when the water pressure in your house is moderate, the filtration can take place quickly.

Some users are worried about its longevity as you have to replace it after some months. Neither the installation nor replacement is a big challenge.

However, with this short longevity, sink top filter may be more suitable for those who live in a rented house. It is a quick method to tackle contaminants in water at an affordable price.

How Countertop Water Filters Work

The manufacturer may say it?s simple. The advertising may tell you about its mechanism within several minutes.

But you should know that behind countertop water filters is a complicated process to make sure that you drink healthy water.

Even though there are different types of water filters, the mechanism is almost the same. Some can include more stages, but they follow these main steps:

a) Mechanical Filtration

Mechanical filtration is the first step when water goes through a filter with small pores. These pores play an essential role in eliminating impurities, rust, and other substances that pollute your water.

Besides, mechanical filtration can remove several parasites and large-size bacteria as well.

b) Water Softening

In the second step, ion exchange resins soften the water by removing magnesium and calcium. You can expect heavy metals and toxins to go away in this process as well.

c) Activated Carbon Filtration

This step is the most essential because it contributes to eliminating all organic contaminants, such as herbicides, pesticides, chlorine, disinfectants, and volatile organic compounds.

The first three steps exist in almost all types of water filters. But the following steps are optional. You can find them in some, but not all.

d) Alkalization

Alkalization is an optional stage to make your water more alkaline by ionizing acidic substances using infrared rays.

e) KDF Filtration

If you want to neutralize and reduce chemicals in the water, such as mercury, chlorine, lead, hydrogen sulfide, or iron, you should look for products which have KDF filter.

f) Silver Filter

This step aims at removing all heavy metals, toxins, viruses, and bacteria that remain in your water.

g) Remineralization

Last but not least, you may not notice remineralization in most water filters on the market. It is the rarest feature which helps to remove magnesium and calcium from your water, improving its quality.

Countertop Water Filter: Its Pros and Cons

Is the countertop water filter a wise investment? Do you need to pour such a tremendous amount of money into this equipment?

Let?s consider both the advantages and disadvantages of the countertop water filter. After reading this, you can make your conclusion.


There are many benefits to buying a water filter. Here are the essential reasons why you need a product immediately:

a) Economical

Most countertop water filters do not cost much money. Even though there are expensive products from top rated brands with so many advertised benefits, you can pay attention to models at moderate prices.

They also produce excellent quality water. It does not have to cost too much to be efficient.

b) Doesn’t need too much room

Undeniably, countertop water filters take space in the kitchen, but not as much as people usually imagine.

Among different types of filters, countertop ones are well known for their compact designs. And most of you will not recognize it shortly after the installation.

c) Simple installation

With most water filters, installing them is not a big deal. You do not always need a plumber to help you with the installation. All you need to do is to connect the faucet models and your faucet and then, everything is ready for you to use.

If you get water filter pitchers, the installation is even unnecessary. The only thing you need to notice is whether you put the filter cartridges in the place they need to be or not.

d) Effective

Some people are worried about its low effectiveness due to the compact size. However, counter water filters usually provide high efficiency.

All the best countertop water filters we introduce in the list will eliminate most contaminants in the water.

Many of them guarantee to also remove bad taste and smell, heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, pesticides, and even pharmaceuticals. So, you can get a particularly efficient item for your kitchen.

e) Low Maintenance

Another outstanding characteristic of countertop water filters is their low maintenance, which means that you rarely need to maintain them.

But you still need to bear in mind that it is essential to replace the filter cartridges when they go beyond their fullest capacity. Some products have specific features to indicate the time when you need to change the cartridges.

These features contribute to the minimal maintenance process, whether they are a color system or a counter to show the gallons.

f) Easy priming

Whether you go for RO filter or ionizer, priming filter cartridges is an essential step. Fortunately, for all countertop water filters, priming is not a challenging task.

You will find all necessary information about this process from the manufacturer. Some models even come with instructions through videos to help you prime the unit much more easily.

g) Remineralized Water

Most importantly, countertop water filters give you an opportunity to remineralize the drinking water. It is imperative to realize the differences between contaminated water and filtered water.

You will receive many benefits, protecting yourself from harmful substances. Remineralized water has significant impacts on your health.

Therefore, it is never too late to buy a countertop water filter so that you can keep you and your family from diseases.


All the advantages sound too exciting, aren?t they? Do you want a countertop water filter right now?

Or you may be too careful and want to find out more about its disadvantages? Here are some drawbacks of having a countertop water filter:

a) Aesthetic

The manufacturers have tried very hard to improve the appearance of water filter pitchers, and many look very attractive.

But, it is undeniable that the beauty of your kitchen will be affected with faucet water filters.

b) Slow Rate

We have talked about efficiency as an advantage of countertop water filters.
However, speed is another story. Even though the filtration rate of faucet models is higher than that of pitcher models, the flow is still quite slow.

In some cases, you may find it very annoying to wait so long. Besides, when it comes to removing contaminants, some other filtering methods can be more effective than using countertop filters. If possible, you should learn more about them.

4 Steps to Help You Choose a Countertop Water Filter

So, what do you have to prepare when you go shopping for water filters? We have a detailed guide so you can make better decisions.

1. Determine Your Price Range

The first step is to decide how much money you can pay for a water filter. Without setting a budget, you are likely to become confused and waste more money than you expect.

2. Check Your Water Carefully

Secondly, you need to check the water before getting a filter. Water kits are a useful tool to help you, and they are not costly either.

The primary purpose of this stage is to be aware of the possible contaminants in your water.

Make sure that you understand if your water has herbicides, pesticides, or heavy metals. Only after that can you figure out which models of filters you need.

3. Find More information about Contaminants

Once you have identified the harmful substances in the water, you can spend a few minutes researching them on the Internet.

It is apparent that lead has more negative impacts than chlorine, but in other circumstances, the situation can be more complicated.

Doing research is the best way to help you detect what?s the priority to do soon.

4. Get a Suitable Filter

Understanding the number of contaminants in the water and their consequences, you can have a clear idea of what filters you need.

If no model can remove all, the best recommendation is to eliminate the most dangerous contaminant first.

Countertop Water Filter Buying Guides

After deciding to get a countertop water filter, what do you need to know?
Here are several factors you should think about to get the most suitable model:

a) Type

We have divided water filters into several different types in the previous section, mainly based on how they work.

On a broader scale, you can separate them into two categories: water filter pitchers and faucet filters.

b) Water Filter Pitchers

Even though this type does not have a direct connection to the faucet, it still helps filter the water effectively. It is particularly suitable if you only have a small and narrow countertop.

With the pitchers, you will have much room for other activities. Besides, it is also a popular option for offices. The disadvantage of the pitchers is that you need to fill them often.

c) Faucet Filters

There is a connection between this type and your faucet, which allows it to filter the water more efficiently. Besides, you will find it easier to use. The installation will take only a few minutes.

However, the disadvantage of faucet filters is that you have to pay attention to its maintenance often. It does not have any feature to indicate the amount of water it has filtered, so you need to watch it frequently.

d) Size

Size matters. You need to consider the area to put the filter, no matter whether you choose faucet filters or pitchers.

They should be a part of your kitchen; otherwise, they will destroy the aesthetics.
Filters with small capacity may be suitable for most places, but the best way is to combine them in real life. Do not rely on your imagination and measurement only.

e) Filtration Capacity

One of the fundamental purposes of water filters is to eliminate sediments, heavy metals, bad tastes and smells from your water. However, the effects are various, depending on which model you are using.

Some water filters can eliminate chlorine more efficiently than other models, while some are excellent at eradicating chloramines. It is true that they can remove most contaminants, but you also need to check whether the filter eliminates beneficial minerals or not.

Reading the instructions carefully to know what substances will be removed is an excellent idea before you pay the money.

Another way is to make use of a water test kit to determine the pH level of your water, its hardness, the level of heavy metals, and other values.

After being aware of what your water contains, you can find products that help remove harmful substances inside it.

f) Price

How much can you invest in the water filtering system? The market provides a variety of filters at different budgets.

You ought to think about how much to pay before finding a suitable product. Remember that not all the most expensive are the most effective.

Even though we all want clean water, the filters we use may be different, depending on how harmful the water is.

For example, if contaminants in your water are mainly heavy metals, you should find models that eliminate metals effectively.

Consider the price, but do not let it be the determining factor. Otherwise, you may waste a massive amount of money in something that is not truly suitable.

g) Maintenance

Many people are worried about the installation, but it is only the first stage of a far more complicated process. For every model, maintenance is an essential part when the filter has reached the fullest capacity.

How long do you need to maintain your filter? It ranges from one to one as well. Some require maintenance after four months, but some can last up to 12 months.

The price has nothing to do with the filtering capacity. Another piece of information you need to ask first is the cost of changing a filter.

Check the cost and frequency of changing to calculate whether it is a beneficial investment in the long term or not. If you buy a cheap filter, but it requires too regular maintenance, it will cost more than a product at a higher price but with less care needed.

h) Taste

When we use water filters, the most important thing is to get healthy water.
However, if the flavor of the water is awful, you will not be happy and satisfied.

Water from filters may be unfamiliar because many people are used to chlorinated water for such a long period and cannot adapt immediately. On the other hand, some beneficial minerals can disappear because of water filters.

A possible method to tackle this problem is to choose water filters that are capable of remineralizing your water. They supply drinking water with more calcium and magnesium to make it tastier and beneficial for your health.

i) Simple Use

Pitchers may be a little more challenging to use than faucet filters. It is possibly due to their position.As faucet filters are near your faucet, you only need to turn a switch and get water from it. Pitchers are useful only when you regularly refill the container.

Some filters have a large capacity of up to 5 gallons, so the possibility is that you don?t need to do it too often. In case you use the filter at the busy office, 5 gallons may not be enough and refilling is necessary.

Luckily, pitchers have some fantastic advantages. You can get infused water that has more significant impacts on your health. The pitcher is suitable for fresh vegetables and fruits as well.

j) Alkaline Water

Producing alkaline water is a unique feature of several filter models on the market.

There are many benefits, such as enhancing your immune system, fighting against aging, supporting the digestion, or speeding up weight loss.

With a long list of benefits of alkaline water, you may want a model that includes specifically designed filter cartridges to produce it. You should think about this factor.

How to Install A Countertop Water Filter

You don?t have to worry about the installation of a countertop water filter. It is very straightforward and does not take much time.

Typically, an adjustable wrench is necessary. However, you may need only small plastic wrenches for several models.

Here is a quick guide to help you install your countertop water filter.

  • Keep the filter close to your faucet. The distance should be enough, so the water line connects those items easily and does not pose any problems to your activities
  • Eliminate the aerator from your faucet
  • For faucets with the outside threat, you can connect the filter directly. Otherwise, you can use an adapter to your faucet before screwing in the filter. Avoid screwing too tightly to prevent any unwanted damage. A washer is necessary as well
  • The diverter should be attached to your faucet. Starting the water, you will see it come out of your faucet easily
  • After rotating the diverter valve, you will see the water come out from the filter

Bottom Line

In general, it is very tricky to conclude what is the best countertop water filter for everyone.

We have different purposes and problems to solve; therefore, we will need different models of water filters.

Some of them enable you to eliminate chlorine better, but others can give you a chance to enjoy better taste and smell of the water.

Possibly, no model can satisfy you to the fullest extent. However, we hope that our reviews of top countertop water filters can make you understand more about one of the most useful items in the kitchen.

They all aim at improving the quality of your life, starting with changing the water quality.

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