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Best automatic latte machine for home

Best automatic latte machine for home

A mug of well-made latte may feel like a warm, welcoming hug that wraps you in smooth, candy-coated, coffee-flavored goodness.

And with the best automatic latte machine for home, you can make Starbucks iced vanilla latte, pumpkin spice latte (and other delightful latte recipes) at a fraction of the cost.

You’ll find some of the best versions of automatic latte machines below, in a mix of beginner friendly models and skilled connoisseur brands.

We shall also teach you how to choose the one that’s best for your needs.

Best Automatic Latte Machine for Home – Best 3 Brands

Of course, with automatic machines, you’ll get a hot cup of best-tasting latte at the press of a button.

The machines use a built-in timer to stop the shot after a set amount of time meaning you can step away and continue doing other stuff as your coffee is made.

Here now are the best automatic coffee machines you can buy to make damn delicious latte at home.

We qualified them as the best home automatic latte machines after days of looking around the market.

1. Breville Espresso Machine, Fully Automatic, Oracle Touch

With this amazing coffee maker, getting wonderful full-bodied latte with rich, complex flavors is simple as 1-2-3: you simply swipe, select, and enjoy!

And with automation all the way, there’s no better way of making quality latte at home. We love the sweet, yummy, and nuanced flavors this brings out (any mix of flavors you crave for is possible including cinnamon-vanilla latte, strawberry-raspberry latte, marshmallow-coconut latte, etc.).

You also won’t take long to learn this: use the touchscreen to run the three easy steps (grind, brew, and milk) and voila!

Plus, you can program it to taste (there are ample customization settings). What’s more, cleaning is pretty easy. In fact, the bottom is wheeled so you won’t need to pick it up during cleaning.

We are also happy with the big bean hopper (removable), big water tank (with front refill opening), and the high quality milk jug.


  • Amazing tasting latte.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Excellent accessories.


  • A bit pricey.

2. Mr. Coffee One-Touch Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino Maker Coffee House

When it comes to budget latte machines, this one offers great value — it’s super easy to operate and makes a silky smooth cup of latte (hot or cold) with a combination of taste, mouthfeel, and aroma comparable to more expensive automatic machines.

It features a nice, very intuitive one button interface for a smoother operation, a 19 bar Italian pump (for optimal pressure), and a fully-automatic milk frother to you help create perfectly creamy latte foam.

The looks can be deceiving – it looks so sleek on the counter despite the incredible pricing- and the build is substantially heavy duty.

This time the design is quite slim too. There is a lot we are delighted with here including the solid construction, extra metal filter, and the unique cup tray (it adjusts to fit tall/short mugs).

Also nice is the removable milk reservoir- it’s big enough to hold 3 lattes and you’ll find filling and cleaning it easy-peasy. 


  • Makes coffee house latte in minutes.
  • Good size.
  • Well-built.


  • Milk frother/steamer a little loud.

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3. Saeco Xelsis Super Automatic Coffee Machine, (latte, espresso) Titanium Metal Front

This is the real deal if you’re looking for a machine that makes a wide variety of luxury latte flavors to cater to your entire family’s preferences.

More crucially, this is super automatic and you know what that means- overwhelmingly sweet latte made on full auto at the push of a simple button!

Indeed, you program everything with the xelsis to suit your personal preferences (or those of a loved one) from the strength, temperature, taste, to volume, and more.

It will even recall your previous settings if you’d save them. Another thing:  This uses all types of coffee (whole beans/ground), and it comes with an adjustable bean grinder for good measure.

Not much beats this machine’s exquisite design: With front-access water tank, adjustable spouts, and a scratch-resistant drip tray, it makes a compelling case to be considered top of the class. Bottom-line? This is a dream for a die-hard latte drinker.


  • Extremely versatile.
  • Accurate touchscreen.
  • Superior latte taste.


  • Large footprint.

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Best automatic latte machine for home – shopping guide

Here is how to find the latte machine that will be right for you:

  • Number of cups?

If one cup isn’t enough to get your morning rush off to a roaring start, choose something that makes 2x single lattes (or 2x double lattes) such as the Breville Fully Automatic Oracle Touch.

Need more? Choose a larger brand or one of the specialized latte makers out there.

  • Choose simplicity

Simplicity wins hands down. Choose as easy as apple-pie button interface to take the guesswork out of controlling the latte maker, easy access tank for smooth refilling, an easy assembling and easy to clean unit, etc. In short, easy = magical.

  • Size and Height

Factor in available counter space when comparing the models.

Many of the best machines can fit underneath upper cabinets but you still need to pull most machines out when it’s time to add coffee beans/fill the reservoir.

  • Match your barista to your taste

Nothing short of great tasting latte will kick-start your many groggy workdays morning routine the way you like it.

As such, pick a model that consistently churns out the best tasting latte possible in the morning, whatever your favorite flavor is.

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  • Look for a solid build

When buying, you’ll want to keenly look over the build of the latte machine.

Jostle the assembled appliance from a few points to test its sturdiness; the more steadfast, the better.

Check the handle, lid, the pump, the porta-filter (where available) and more. Also keep in mind that stainless steel tanks with seamless construction are usually more solid than other materials.

  • About pricing

You don’t need to break the bank to own a cool latte making machine but paying a little more will buy you conveniences such as unlimited programmability, easy clean systems, and more.

Many Java aficionados find latte to be the ultimate milk-forward drink, but the difference between a truly great smooth flavored latte and one that’s just mediocre comes down to finding the best automatic latte machine for home in your budget range.

You have the top 3 models on the market right now so delicious latte will soon be yours!

One last thing: Although perfectly-made latte provides plenty of pleasantness on its own, you can take that out-of-this-world feel up a notch with the right additions.

The most popular choices are chocolate, cinnamon, and flavored syrups. 

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