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Plastic Adjustable Bed Risers

Plastic Adjustable Bed Risers

The bed is essential furniture for all to have adequate sleep. If your beds are not comfortable enough to have a good rest, you should try something affordable like bed risers to make them comfy, as sleep is essential for our health. Without good health, no one can have a good life.

So, if you want to lift your bed either for storage, comfort, or health, a handy device bed risers are best and most affordable for this purpose rather than managing a new mattress.

Bed risers used to lift your beds or any other furniture like a sofa, couch, or table. Bed risers are available in metal wood and plastic. Heavy-duty plastic bed risers are a little cheaper than others. Bed risers also used to tilt your bed a little so that less strain comes on your back.

“My favourite piece of furniture is my bed cause it’s fluffy and so comfortable.” Vivica A. Fox

Adjustable Bed Risers

Quick information!

  • Brand: Home-it
  • Item weight: 4.06 pounds
  • battery required: No
  • Fabric type: polypropylene
  • Colours: Black, White
  • Item model number: yv0001

Let’s print it out:

Storage: These home-it adjustable bed risers provide you space under the bed. You can use this space as storage to store toys, clothes, or any other thing you need to keep under your bed.

Even you can put a mattress under the ground, which you can use as an extra bed when you have some guests. Space also makes the cleanness and maintenance beneath the bed more easily.

Height: The home-it adjustable bed risers come with a set of 8 risers. The four risers are 3 inches, and the other four risers are 5 inches. Stacking both, the three and 5-inch inches forms a riser of 8 inches. So by these bed risers, you can have your desire height of either five inches or eight inches compatibles:

These home-it bed risers are more compatible than others because of their ability to renature in three different heights of 5, 3, and 8 inches. Measurement is essential for more comfortable beds.

Your bed should be on that height that allows you to sit and stand comfortably—these bed risers you to adjust your bed height according to your desire.

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  • Home-it adjustable bed risers are imported.
  • These bed risers, not scratch or dent hardwood floors.
  • These bed risers can hold a weight of 1300 pounds safely.
  • These bed risers have a dimension of 11*7*5 inches.

More features: These home-it risers are not only used for raising your bed but also designed to increase the height of tables, sofas, and couches. Rising the table height prevents your back from too much bending and reduces back and shoulder pains. It also put less strain on your shoulder and makes your work easy.

Colors: The home-it adjustable bed risers are available in two colors: 1. White, 2. Black. These two colors always look attractive. Black and white are the two significant colors that can easily contrast with your bed color are; these bed risers will look eye-catching and adjusted.

Conclusion: The home adjustable bed risers are firmly designed. The bed legs can steadily fit into their recess cups made in the risers, allowing no slip due to 3 * 3 * ¾  opening on the top.

The diameter of the top is 3 inches. High beds look more eye-catching in the bedrooms, so these risers add attraction to your room décor. These bed risers are very beneficial for heightened people.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly thing to safely and stably raise your bed, then home-it adjustable bed risers are the best.

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FAQs Bed Risers

I have a brown colored wooden bed. Will the white bed riser be adjusted with this bed color?

Yes, white is a primary color. It can contrast with any other color.

Other than the bed, can I use home-it adjustable bed risers for a table?

Yes, you can use these risers for tables.

How much weight these risers can hold?

The home-it adjustable bed risers can safely hold the weight of 1300 pounds.

Approx. What should be the height of a bed for more comfort?

Experts say that your bed should be approximately 25 inches high from the floor.

Does this bed Anand demand catch on the floor?

No, these bed risers do not dent or scratch hardwood floors.

What is the dimension of home-it adjustable bed risers?

The dimension of this bed riser is 11 * 7 * 5 inches.

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