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Beach Cooler with Big Wheels

Beach Cooler with Big Wheels

If you are a great lover of outdoor fun, the beach is probably one place you love to spend quality time. Of course, there are preparations you need to do to make every trip there becomes the best you have ever had, and it is not all about the swimming costumes.

It would help if you had a beach cooler with big wheels to be sure it can maneuver all the sand and still keep your pack of foods and drinks safe.

If you are yet to own one, then you are reading the right piece. You will not only look at the size of the wheels and decide the first piece you get is the ideal one. Getting to know the finer details about the coolers, and probably the best of them is a good idea.

Beach Cooler with Big Wheels for Sand

There are a couple of activities you can engage in while at the beach over the summer, but one sure thing is that most of them will leave you thirsty.

So, what better solution than having a cold drink? Whether you prefer pure water or any other beverage, you can never have it better than cold.

A cooler will work it out for you, although a beach cooler with big wheels is the best bet.

1. Editor’s Choice- YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler

For those who love their coolers tough and with high-quality insulation, YETI Tundra is your model of choice.

YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler, White


  • Never flat large and durable wheels
  • Rotomolded construction with the best insulation
  • Comfortable hand-grip handles
  • 55 pounds ice capacity and 45 beer bottles
  • Heavy-duty T-Rex lid latches

With a capacity to hold up to 55 pounds of ice and 45 cans of your favorite beer, I believe it is the best beach companion you need. It comes in handy with a rotomolded construction, a popular one with most of the high-ranked coolers.

A cooler of such building has no seams so that you will experience no leakages at all. The hinges have durable hinge pins and interlocking design, and the system is basically a never-fail. Its handles are comfortable and designed in a way to ensure your hands are not getting bruised from hauling your load around.


  • Excellent build with the best insulation
  • High capacity
  • Never-flat wheels which mean you will not worry about punctures
  • Comfortable grip handle


  • Can be heavy to lift in case you need to load it to a truck
  • No information on the warranty

Why We Liked It: We loved this cooler’s excellent build that ensures no leaks, and its high capacity.

2. Premium Quality- Igloo Glide Pro 110 Roller (EA)

For those who love partying with a couple of friends at the beach, then this large capacity cooler will be your best companion.

Igloo 110 Qt Glide Pro Portable Large Ice Chest Wheeled Cooler, White


  • Indestructible stainless steel hinges
  • Polyethylene build
  • Ultraviolet light inhibitors
  • Cushion grip handle
  • Soft-ride wheels

It has a fantastic feature of an insulated body that ensures the contents will remain cold. You will comfortably move the cooler around the beach with ease, even when it is loaded to its full capacity.

It features ultraviolet light inhibitors and an infrared technology that keeps the cooler safe from sun damage.  You are sure to use it for years thanks to its polyethylene construction, large latches, and heavy-duty hinges. 

The handle is metallic and slides out when you need to use it, and retractable when not in use. Its wheels are quite sturdy, and you will maneuver the sand without worry.


  • Protected from sun damage
  • High capacity
  • Easy to maneuver around
  • Strong build


  • The side plastic handles are not quite strong

Why We Liked It: You will love this cooler’s soft ride wheels that allow you to maneuver the beach even when it is loaded to its full capacity. Besides, it has ample space to serve a couple of people.

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3. Great Value- RovR Wheeled Camping Rolling Cooler with Wheels 45 Qt

With RovR Wheeled Camping Cooler, you have a high-performance beach companion with 9-inch puncture-resistant tires, so you can haul over without worrying.

ROVR PRODUCTS EST. 2016 Wheeled Camping Rolling Cooler with Wheels 45 qt (Desert Orange), one Size (45DROLLRW)


  • 9-inch puncture-resistant tires
  • Comes with a storage bin
  • 60 cans without deep-freeze dry bin and 40 cans with the dry bin
  • Up to 10 days of ice retention
  • Polyurethane insulation

It has 3 inches of insulation which ensures the contents remain cool, and the cooler can hold ice for up to 10 days when combined with its roto -molded construction and an elevated body which has an airtight gasket.

It can hold up to 60 cans and 10 pounds when the deep-freeze dry bin is not installed, and 40 cans and 10 pounds of ice when the tray is installed.


  • It has a high storage capacity
  • Excellent build
  • Long ice retention duration
  • Has a hook that allows you to attach to a bike
  • Comes with two bottle openers


  • No warranty information

Why We Liked It: We loved this cooler’s long ice retention periods and high capacity. Besides, it has a removable bin that allows you to separate foods from drinks. Additionally, the cooler looks cool.

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Beach Cooler with Big Wheels for Sand Buying Guide

Although there are a couple of models out there, getting the best beach cooler with big wheels does not necessarily need to be quite a hassle. Here are the essential things you should check out.

The Build

The cooler’s build regards to its construction and design. You want one with big wheels but then it ought to be of durable and robust material. The design should allow ease of use, and offer the best insulation.

The Capacity

You know how you love your beach hikes better. If you enjoy the company of friends and family, then you better choose a cooler with a large capacity to carry enough supplies for the group.

Additional Features

Other than the basics, every manufacturer will want to add more features for your convenience. However, not all sound good for you, so look for what interests you.

If you love going to the beach with your bike, then the attachment hook feature is useful for you.

After hours of research, we settled for YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler as the best beach cooler with big wheels.

The cooler comes in handy, and with a large capacity, which makes it a beach companion that you may want to try out.

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