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Best bakers rack for kitchen with wine storage

Best bakers rack for kitchen with wine storage

A bakers rack has become a trending choice for the display of toiletries, and kitchen knickknacks. Bakers racks were originally designed to cool batches of pies, pastries, and bread fresh from the oven, and were made of wrought iron.

A bakers rack combines counter tops with shelves. They are made of metal, wood or a combination of both. In addition, depending on your chosen style, one can be intricately ornate. Its flat work surface works divinely as a place to decorate your cookies and cakes or to roll out your dough or as a chopping board.

A bakers rack often incorporates components, such as stemware racks and compartments for your wine bottles. Other features include enclosed cabinets with glass doors, silverware drawers, removable serving trays, and wicker storage baskets, among others.

Their versatility arises from elements that allow them to adorn any room of your home, including outdoors. When you use a bakers rack outside the kitchen, it attains a different designation, an étagère. An outdoor bakers rack with doors presents you with an ideal setting to store your smaller gardening tools or a potted plant.

Étagères were quite popular in 18th Century France and had designs exclusively targeting corner of a room decorative furnishing. The modern étagère is a small bakers rack that provides additional storage space, showcases ornaments, and holds small book collections, among other features.

In addition, an étagère bakers rack not designed for a room corner provides alternative storage options that are alluring and fanciful.

8 Best bakers rack for kitchen with wine storage

This bakers rack buyers guide will critically analyze eight top bakers rack products and also present you with additional information regarding the different types and what to consider while purchasing one.

1. Finnhomy  Adjustable Kitchen Bakers Rack Kitchen Cart

This is a kitchen bakers rack and as the designation implies, its original purpose is to help you accomplish your assortment of baking routines. It will let you store your baking ingredients, among them sugar, flavoring, flour, and baking soda.

Its bakers rack shelving components also allow you to store your baking related equipment, such as your mixers and oven. Your spice racks and pots of different herbs, such as thyme, rosemary, and basil, have a place too.

Features You will Love

This product will provide additional storage space. With this space, you can keep your pans, dishes, utensils, and pans.

In addition to kitchenware, you will have a place to display decorative materials. A potted plant, for example, can serve as a ornamental piece while helping in keeping odors at bay. Pots of flowering plants placed on its bakers rack shelving would spruce up your kitchen space too.

It comes with adjustable and durable shelves. Composed of a four tier construction of supreme chrome, it features three bottom and one top shelves. These create extra storage facilities where you can store your microwave oven or rice cooker. Its adjustable shelves allow you to increase or reduce shelve height to fit in taller appliancees.

The top shelve works superbly in organizing your cooking ingredients such as oils and spices. It has a removable thick bamboo top for your cutting board procedures. This thickened bamboo top may also serve as a holding place for your utensils and appliances.

You will get six chrome hooks that will increase your utility through giving you a means to hang your pots, pans, and dish towels.

With this bakers rack for microwave and other appliance storage, you will get a maximum load ability of 250 pounds per shelf and 400 pounds for the entire rack.

This bakers cooling rack has top quality anti-rust shelves made of chrome. This will let you safely store your fresh meat, fish, and vegetables, besides placing your hot bread or cakes on to cool.

Physical Features

This bakers rack with cutting board is manufactured by Finnhomy, whose warranty details are available from your customer care agent.

It will weigh 32.5 pounds once it lands on your doorstep and 28.34 pounds once it is assembled. It measures 14 by 36 by 61 inches in dimensions.

The Finnhomy 14x36x61″ 4-Tiers Adjustable Kitchen Bakers Rack Kitchen Cart Microwave Stand With Chrome Shelves And Thicken Bamboo Cutting Board will require assembly and its packaging contains instructions on how to go about this.

All the parts required for assembly are included in the packaging.


  • It makes for easy, about one hour, assembly procedures
  • It comes with a durable Bamboo cutting board


  • Cutting board is relatively thin and not heavy duty

The Finnhomy  4-Tiers Adjustable Kitchen Bakers Rack Kitchen Cart Microwave Stand With Chrome Shelves And Thicken Bamboo Cutting Board is a perfect choice if you have a cluttered kitchen and yearn for more storage spacing.

This adjustable and collapsible bakers rack will assist in instantly organizing your messy kitchen items into a neat cooking working area, ready for your next series of culinary adventures.

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2. Whitmor Supreme Baker’s Rack Wood & Chrome

This chrome and wood bakers rack will help you bring a sense of organization to your kitchen. It will assist in keeping everything necessary for your cooking in place. It is perfect for the storage of pans, pots and other cooking utensils.  Have a look at our best saucepans reviews here.

This product comes with a wooden cutting board, requires no tools during assembly, and has a durable chromed metal construction. It will bring order to your kitchen, garage, or office.

Features You Will Love

It comes with a hanging bar that has four hooks. These give you easy storage hanging points for your pots, pans, and cooking utensils. It has a wooden board that is conveniently removable. You will be able to use it as a cutting board on which to chop your assortment of favorite food ingredients.

For the perfect blend of stylish functionality and kitchen décor, this metal bakers rack is made of chrome steel finishing. To allow optimal storage for various sized kitchen items, the shelves on this bakers rack are adjustable through one-inch increments.

For bakers rack of this type, the lower shelf offers the best place to store the heaviest kitchen appliances. Its bottom shelve gives you a 250 pound weight holding capacity when you evenly distribute this weight.

Physical Features

This is a product from Whitmor, a fourth generation family owned and operated enterprise, located in Southaven, Mississippi. They specialize in the creation of organization, storage, garment laundry, and care accessories. Their manufacturer’s warranty is available from your customer care agent.

The Whitmor Supreme Baker’s Rack Wood & Chrome measures 14 by 36.2 by 55.2 inches in dimensions. Once it lands on your doorstep, it will weigh 34.6 pounds but once it is assembled, it will weigh 14 pounds.

It is a wire bakers rack that comes with a removable cutting board top, which you can use as a butcher’s block or to store cooking ware and other appliances  like the top rated pasta makers.

Two adjustable shelves come below the cutting board and there is another adjustable shelf above it. You get chrome hooks to hang your utensils, dishtowels, saucepans, and pots.


  • An easy to assemble and sturdy product that does not wobble
  • Sleek shiny steel look gives it a nice clean look


  • Instances of warped cutting board or its failure to lay completely flat have been reported
  • Top shelf cannot accommodate heavy stuff

This compact bakers rack fits a number of items, which allows you to free up your countertop and cabinets. Should you have kitchen floors that are not totally level, it has adjustable feet on its poles that take a few quick turns to create rock steady solidness.

It fits in snuggly in a kitchen that has other blonde wood and wire rack features. You can buy this product to put all your pet’s utilities in an organized environment too. These include the pet’s food, feeding and water bowls, toys boxes and treats.

3. Soges 3-Tier Kitchen Baker’s Rack Utility Microwave Oven Stand Storage Cart Workstation Shelf W5s-B 

This bakers rack with wheels will give you additional kitchen countertop space through a perfect and sturdy place to house your microwave oven and other appliances. It will take you no more than forty-five minutes to put together, once it lands on your doorstep.

 The main structure is made of stainless steel while the cutting-butcher board is wooden. It has three tiers on the right and two tiers on the left. Three hooks adorn both sides of the structure. It comes in a number of colors with beige and black being the most common

Should you have a small counter in your office and require more spacing, this rolling bakers rack is a great product to have around. It has wheels giving you mobility to whichever part of your kitchen or working space you need to work from.

Features You will Love

The bakers rack shelving comes with two tiers on the left and three tiers on the right that will hold a number of your kitchen accessories with ease. It has three little hooks on both sides that will give you a convenient place to hang your cooking tools.

The metal and wooden bakers rack has stainless steel shelving for clean looks and a wooden chopping or butcher board for precise food and vegetable preparation. These materials also make for easy cleaning while giving you a durable storage and food preparation working station.

This kitchen bakers rack presents you with multi-functional benefits that include working as kitchen organizing rack, a dish rack, a microwave oven stand cart, and a dish organizer. All these functions go a long way in making your kitchen space cleaner and tidier.

Physical Features

On arrival at your doorstep, this bakers rack with storage facilities will weigh 30.3 pounds. You will need to assemble it and the manufacturer will provide the requisite assembly tools as part of the packaging. Once it is assembled, it will weigh 30 pounds.

The manufacturer’s Warranty details are available from your customer service agent.

It is manufactured by PRC for Soges, a United States Local Brand with fifty production lines. This enterprise designs, manufactures and ships modern and traditional furniture for markets worldwide.

The Soges 3-Tier Kitchen Baker’s Rack Utility Microwave Oven Stand Storage Cart Workstation Shelf W5s-F measures 35.4 by 15.7 by 32.7 inches in dimensions.


  • Fairly easy to put together
  • Spare hardware, wrench, and screwdriver for assembling provided as part of the package


  • The assembly directions may appear unclear to some people
  • The parts are not clearly labelled and might present assembly challenges

The Soges 3-Tier Kitchen Baker’s Rack Utility Microwave Oven Stand Storage Cart Workstation  is a great product to house your microwave oven with additional utilities such as storage space for diverse kitchen appliances and utensils including X rated kitchen gift ideas.

The wheels allow easy movement, to allow floor cleaning and easy access to specific working stations as you prepare your food.

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4. Southern Enterprises Wrought Iron Bakers Rack with Scroll Work, Black Finish

This bakers rack with drawers brings to your kitchen an impression of stylish simplicity besides solving storage issues in your kitchen. As a wrought iron bakers rack, its scroll work adds a traditional touch to your kitchen while giving it a modern farmhouse façade.

Beautiful and attractive, this bakers rack with storage facilities will make such a wonderful addition to your kitchen or dining space.

Features You Will Love

Among the components of this bakers rack are four roomy wickerwork basket drawers that will give you space to store your cookbook, an assortment of kitchen gadgetry, splatter guards for frying pans, and dishtowels. These baskets slide out rather smoothly, giving you easy access to your stored items.

You will get a warm looking oak counter that oozes a butcher-block stylish appearance.

You will have an opportunity to showcase your fancy cutlery or collection of spices. These could have a place above the countertop of this kitchen tower, where two deep wire shelves appear.

Furthermore, this furniture piece, its rattan baskets drawers, and its oak chopping board, comes from a great composition of beautifully mixed materials. Its black with honey finishing color comes together with wrought iron scroll work to give your kitchen a modern farmhouse flair.

Physical Features

This product is made in China by Southern Enterprises Inc. Its weight on landing on your doorstep is 51.5 pounds and 51 pounds once it is assembled. Your customer care agent will provide manufacturer warranty details.

This bakers rack with drawers is made of pipe, flat metal, wicker, solid wire, veneer, and medium density fiberboard. The countertop comfortably supports 40 pounds while each shelf holds 15 pounds, and the overall weight support rises to 100 pounds.

The baskets can hold potatoes, onions, and bread. However, the baskets work well only when kept in the rack, if you do not put anything too heavy into them, or try to carry them around.

It measures 19.5 by 28 by 65.2 inches in overall dimensions. The countertop measures 25.5 by 17 by 13 by 30 inches with 30 inches being its height from the floor to the shelf.

Its shelves measure 26.75 by 8.5 by 8.5 and the wicker baskets measure 11 by 14 by 8.5 inches with a floor clearance of 6 inches.


  • A sturdy and firm bakers rack that pets can run on without causing damage.
  • Perfect for a kitchen or other space with limited space


  • Instructions are not as precise as would be required of this kind of furniture piece.
  • Tiny items cannot go into the wicker baskets due to corner gaps.

Glowing reviews speak of a lovely looking piece of furniture for any space and one that feels as if each item placed on it was meant to be there precisely.

The Southern Enterprises Wrought Iron Bakers Rack with Scroll Work, Black Finish offers substantial utility within a kitchen but it is also ideal for your bedroom or hallway.

It is the perfect piece of furniture to add character and charm to your kitchen décor.

5. SEI Dome Bakers Rack, Black

This bakers rack with wine storage facilities is a means to expand storage options once it occupies a portion of your space. Through this beautiful and substantial inflection piece of furniture, you will obtain additional functional display and storage space.

It will give you an opportunity to bring to life your creativity as you arrange your spices and plants on its two stylish basket shelves.

Features You Will Love

This bakers rack with wine storage provisions, gives you six utility hooks that you can move around and use for whatever hanging utilities that come to mind, such as hanging bananas.

With its solid metal tube fabrication and durable black finishing, this fashionable bakers rack brings durability and versatility to your kitchen.

Its light cerise workspace brings out a stained wood accent with the additional presence of a solid chopping or butcher’s block countertop. With its five wine bottle rack and two fully sized wire shelves, you will attain ample storage utility for jars, bowls, plates, and your wine.

The wine rack that comes below the wooden top is a cute addition to this bakers rack. This is because it holds five normal sized bottles while positioning them in a downward angle that keeps your wine corks moist.

The top is ample enough to hold a 700-watt microwave oven or various other  cool cooking appliances, saving you on kitchen counter top space. In addition, it has two adjustable and removable nesting baskets that give you 15 pounds of storage spacing each.

Physical Features

The SEI Dome Bakers Rack, Black consists of a rack that accommodates five normal sized wine bottles, two adjustable and removable nesting baskets, and two fixed shelves. It has a painted on black finishing with a light cerise stained countertop.

It is made in China for Southern Enterprises Inc., of metal tubing and Medium Density Fiberboard.

Where dimensions feature, it measures 17 by 26 by 68 inches overall, where the countertop measures 23.75 by 15.75 by 30.75 inches in height from the floor. The shelves measure 23 by 16.25 by 10.5 inches in height from the floor. The Demilune baskets measure 11.5 by 4.75 by 2.5 inches.

The shipping weight is 40 pounds and 34 pounds once you have fully assembled it. The countertop will hold 40 pounds, each shelve 20 pounds, and each nesting basket 15 pounds.


  • Superb looking ubiquitous piece of furniture for a home
  • A very easy piece of furniture to assemble through easy to read instructions


  • Components call for close scrutiny to confirm all are in place and in order
  • Instances of rusted components have been reported

Your Kitchenaid or microwave oven will be right at home on this bakers rack. Setting it up is a breeze because all the requisite pieces and instructions are clearly labeled, easy to understand, with a gorgeous and sturdy furniture piece the result.

It comes with baskets large enough to fit your spice range and they are removable too. It has a curved rather than squared dome, giving your kitchen a rustic and stylish look.

6. Coaster Brown/Sandy Black Finish Metal & Wood Baker’s Kitchen Rack w/Drawers

This bakers rack with drawers will bring a sense of organization to the storage of a range of paraphernalia within your kitchen, or study room perhaps.

Those items whose access you require on a regular basis would go on the shelves. Conversely, those that require safekeeping or irregular access could go into the drawers.

In reference to kitchen safety, the drawers offer a convenient place into which knives and other pointed items can go, away from easy reach by young children.

Features You will Love

This shelf stand presents your storage needs with a piece of furniture that will accent your kitchen or other areas of your home with a distinctively charming cabinet.

With its crafted combination of wood with an oak tobacco finish and metal, your kitchen décor will benefit immensely from the resulting two-tone stunning façade.

Its three levels of shelving offer plenty of stowage area through a bottom wire shelf and two tiered upper shelving.

It has two drawers that will give you a storage area to tuck away your diverse kitchen accessories and various small items. You will get a wine rack with a low setting giving you a display rack and easy access to your favorite bottled drinks.

Physical Features

This bakers rack will most likely arrive at your door step in two packages.

The total packaging weight shall be 97.9 pounds but once you have it assembled, it will weigh 75 pounds.

Where the assembled height, width, and length feature, this bakers rack will measure 74 by 14.5 by 37 inches in dimensions.

Assembled, it will consist of a wine rack, two drawers, one bottom wire shelf, and two tiered upper shelves.


  • It matches a wide variety of kitchen décor with ease
  • A perfect setting to display treasured China, cast iron pieces, etc


  • Assembly challenges may arise if instructions are not strictly adhered to.

This is an excellent piece of furniture to brighten a boring section of your kitchen, such as hiding an air intake register while still leaving the intake open.

This is in addition to storing diverse kitchen paraphernal items like ovens and food ingredients. Talking of ovens , have a look at the  toaster oven reviews.

7. Steve Silver Company Hamlyn Bakers Rack

This metal bakers rack will give you an excellent opportunity to compliment item storage in your kitchen or dining with the settings. With its decorative scrollwork and bronzed pewter finishing, wavy panels, and an earth tone inspired marble cutting board, it will give you a clutter free storage area.

Features You Will Love

This is great looking product with excellent construction. It takes a little time to put together, which assembly is easy to undertake.

The Steve Silver Company Hamlyn Bakers Rack effortlessly executes the façade of a very expensive piece of furniture yet it is easy on the pocket. Besides, its serves its intended purpose rather well.

The top quality marble top will give you an excellent working platform for chopping various food ingredients or butchering your meat stuff into cooking-convenient small pieces.

Alternatively, this marble top will comfortably hold your priced cutlery, food preparation appliances, spice rack,  skillets and so on.

It comes with a wine rack that will allow storage of your favorite bottled drinks while holding them in the recommended downward leaning position.

Physical Features

The most prominent feature of this bakers rack, the marble top, is made of marble veneer, which arises from thin slices of real marble adhered to the frame work, through heat and pressure. This gives this furniture its real marble beauty without the weight and heavy cost.

This is not only economical but also an excellent manner in which to give this rack its marble looks while strengthening it. Natural marble can be both fragile and too time consuming to take good care of.

The rest of the bakers rack is made from a bronzed metal base and powder coated metal components that remove scratches and rust from your list of worries.

The apron is fluted and the entire ensemble has a casual styling, and requires assembly.

On landing on your doorstep, the entire package will weigh 88 pounds but once you have it assembled, it will weigh 70 pounds. It measures 18 by 42 by 73 inches in dimensions, again on assembly.


  • Well-constructed, looks terrific, easy to assemble, and is a great product


  • Scrutiny of the delivery package is critical to ascertain appropriate parts are all present

The quality of the Steve Silver Company Hamlyn Bakers Rack is excellent and its marble top makes its value for its purchase price exceptional.

8. Celtic Bakers Rack w/ Wine Storage 

A bakers rack with drawers, this kitchen piece of furniture will bring elegant beauty and a wine brasserie theme to your kitchen space. This is as it assists you in organizing your storage and display issues that arise in your kitchen.

It has all the hallmarks that would allow you to turn it into a full bar, if you wished. Across the top, you can fit a number of bottles of alcohol and there is a place to hold twelve bottles of wine. It is a relatively small bakers rack but its looks and utilities more than counter this size limitations.

Features You Will Love

It comes with two hand stained rattan baskets on its lower shelve that function as detachable drawers and above these come two open versatile shelves.

Another full-length rack tops this piece of kitchen storage furniture and functions as slatted workspace.

These, combined with a set of glass holders and a twelve wine bottle rack, six bottles per side, will create an ideal environment within your kitchen for the wine connoisseur. The wrought iron scrollwork decorating the top laces this wine bar with a classic touch.

Its mixed metal composition, in finished gunmetal gray for the mainframe, and its honey baskets, brings out a soft county charm.

Physical Features

The physical structures that make this bakers rack with drawers include a broad slatted working space, a twelve wine bottle holder down the middle, two slatted shelves above two respective rattan basket drawers, and two racks for glassware.

It is constructed in China of rattan and wrought iron and you will need to assemble it once you receive it. On assembly, it will weigh 29 pounds and will comfortably support 80 pounds of your chosen items.

The Celtic Bakers Rack w/ Wine Storage – Gunmetal Gray has a coarse gunmetal gray finishing and honey colored rattan basket drawers. It measures 36.5 by 11 by 36 inches overall in dimensions.

The top shelf, on assembly, will measure 35 by 10 inches, the open shelves 13 by 11 by 14 inches and the baskets 11.5 by 9.5 by 8 inches. The package comes with easy to follow assembly instructions.

To enjoy the utilities this bakers rack brings to your household for years after purchase, certain general care protocols are essential. These include keeping it away from direct sunlight to stop fading.

It needs protection from liquids and intense heat, avoid abrasive cleaning procedures, and dusting with a soft dry cloth is recommended.


  • Ensemble is sturdy, easy to assemble, and clean
  • The down the middle wine rack is uniquely perfect


  • Large wine bottles do not fit in the circular slots, only standard sized bottles do
  • The shelves are not solid surface so small items cannot stand

The bakers rack looks beautiful and would serve wonderfully as your modest kitchen wine-liquor storage and display unit. The bar would hold your liquor and wine bottles besides other kitchen utensils, such as mickey mouse grilled cheese maker cutlery, and food ingredients.

The Celtic Bakers Rack w/ Wine Storage – Gunmetal Gray is perfect for the kitchen with limited spacing and slanted ceilings. Into such a kitchen, tall furniture pieces would otherwise be problematic to fit in snugly.

The Different Types of Bakers Racks

A bakers rack would facilitate the establishment of a sense of organization for your kitchen or any other room you would choose. With this organization would come a better opportunity to spruce up your home, clean it up, and extract additional space to keep more items.

A number of functions, designs, and structures are associated with this kind of home furniture. As such, understanding the types of bakers racks out there would go a long way in helping you pick one best suited for your unique needs.

Broadly speaking, there are three types of bakers racks. These are the kitchen bakers rack, the Étagère bakers rack, and the outdoor backers rack.

1. The Kitchen Bakers Rack

This type of bakers rack has features, components, designs, and utilities that purely target the kitchen environment. With this piece of kitchen furniture, you have an excellent place to store your saucepans, pots, cooking utensils, food ingredients, and spice racks, among others.

Other items that go onto a kitchen bakers rack include decorative pieces and kitchen heirlooms, such as old wine glasses, original Chinese dinnerware, and traditional vases. Cookbooks and potted plants have a great place here too. So do canned food ingredients, liquor, coffee, and fruits.

For the baking connoisseur, a bakers rack is a handy piece for furniture to have in a kitchen. Besides a place to cool freshly baked goodies, you can store rolling pins, spatulas, measuring cups, flour, baking soda, and sugar.

Some kitchen bakers racks have hooks onto which you can hang your potholders and kitchen towels. These give you ready convenience and kitchen safety particularly when working with appliances and utensils that are not cool to the touch.

Your assortments of baking appliances are right at home on the kitchen bakers rack. These include ovens and kitchen aid  mixers.

2. The Étagère Bakers Rack

A bakers rack used away from the kitchen setting falls into this category. So does one with features allowing it to work either in a kitchen or elsewhere inside your home, such as a folding bakers rack.

A corner bakers rack is triangular shaped such that it fits snugly into a corner. They are designed to fit a corner of any room, adding more space for a home with limited spacing. Their functions include storage utilities as well as decorative purposes.

A backers rack with drawers brings organization to various materials, whether in your study room, or kitchen. The drawers offer safe haven for pointed and sharp utensils away from young children. Heavier equipment such as ovens and mixers or heavy cooking ingredients such as sacks of sugar and flour have a home in a metal backers rack.

The wrought iron bakers rack is right at home in your library or reading area. It comes with easy storage access, for heavy items or equipment, in any room or hallway.

A wooden bakers rack rhymes with your traditional Scandinavian or old country kitchen design besides providing convenient storage. One can be made of walnut, beech, or oak combined with lighter material such wicker.

For that clutter ruining your living room or kitchen, a bakers rack with cabinets sorts things out. Into the cabinets, store items you wish to remain hidden. These include old glossy magazines, books, and an assortment of other reading material. Onto the shelves may go gaming, television series, and movie DVDs.

For the wine buff, a bakers rack with wine storage features allow you to store your bottles with easy convenience. On the shelving would go your wine stemware. Bottles remain horizontal for safety and slope gently downwards, preserving taste and keeping the cork wet.

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3. The Outdoor Bakers Rack

An open-air bakers rack is an ideal setting to put away gardening tools or display the exotic potted plant. It comes with designs to enhance your balcony, terrace, or back garden.

This is besides its normal function, converting small-unused space into handy working areas and provision of storage shelving. Outdoor bakers rack versatility arises from fabrication material that enables it survive diverse weather conditions.

At the end of the day, the best bakers rack is one that will bring the best sense of organization, tidiness, and cleanliness to your living room, kitchen, or outdoors.

What To Consider While Purchasing A Bakers Rack

Once you purchase the best bakers rack, it will work wonders where saving money, exertion, space, and time feature. Your kitchen, living room, or home in general attains that clutter free and organized façade you yearn.

However, prior to making that purchase, a number of issues call for careful considerations, among them the following:

The Objective

Understanding the purposes that you intend to accomplish with a bakers rack constitute a critical issue of consideration before you can buy one.

As a kitchen organizer, it is a place to locate kitchen materials where required. It brings color to a section of a kitchen, as a decorative piece in itself, as a structure to hold decorative pieces, such as heirlooms and potted flowers, or as a structure to hide unbecoming features, such as an air vent.

Its name speaks of a piece of furniture whose objective is to help a baker. A vintage bakers rack holds freshly baked food items as they cool. It denotes a storage for a baker’s tools, appliances, and ingredients.

Think of one as a drink station where you place an assortment of drinks in its cabinet or shelves. For a coffee connoisseur, the creamer, sugar, coffee beans, and coffee maker have their own place on the shelves or else investing in the best lift top coffee table would be the alternative. For the wine connoisseur, the bakers rack with wine storage facilities is a great companion.

You can teach young children to organize toys and school paraphernalia using a bakers rack with drawers and cabinets. With clear labeling, the children will learn where to keep or find a toy or particular book.

The same goes for your pet. Litter and food items have a place in the bottom shelve or wicker basket of a bakers rack with cabinets. The assortment of collars, leashes, favorite toys, balls, and pictures of you and your pet have a place on the shelves.

For the art lover, the crayons, watercolors, paint, pens, and art paper have an excellent place for stowing away on a bakers rack with cabinets. The gamer simply arranges the computer game DVDs, board game knickknacks, and play stations on the shelves or in drawers of a bakers rack with drawers. The academic and bookworm need a place to shelve various books and academic periodicals neatly. A wrought iron bakers rack would serve this purpose neatly.

The laundry area has a penchant to produce clutter that requires sorting out. Detergents, cleansers, shampoo, fabric softener, loose buttons, receipts, and coins fall into this category. A narrow bakers rack provides an avenue to fix this clutter challenge while sprucing up the laundry environment.

The Price

Costs associated with bakers racks rest on function, material, durability, size, shipping, and vending brands. There are also issues, such as maintenance, cleaning, and buying accessories, to ponder on.

You may buy a cheap product but be aware maintenance associated with such a product may push up the ultimate cost higher than the initial cheap buying price.

Looking After

A bakers rack will require routine maintenance and cleaning, depending on its make. Routines include painting, polishing, tightening loose components, and adjustments to meet new requirements.

The manufacturer provides instructions on how to assemble, where needed, and how to look after it. Such instructions demand scrutiny and adherence. This way, your bakers rack meets the purposes, for which you bought it, with ease.

Fabrication Material

Genuine wood furnishings arise from tree trunk woodcuttings, such as maple, oak, or beech. Since this is not recycled materials, a bakers rack made from genuine wood is often more expensive.

Engineered wood, on the other hand, arises from gluing several wood fibers joined together under pressured heat. Coming from recycled material, bakers racks made of engineered wood, such as medium density fiberboard, are more affordable and offer high durability.

Medium density fiberboard attains the looks and feel of genuine wood with veneer or laminate finishing. Wooden veneer comes from real wood slices adhered to a bakers rack under pressure and heat. This popular method gives furniture texture and exotic appearances while keeping costs affordable.

Laminates arise through pressing layers of certain material together and then applying it to the furniture frame followed by sealing with thermo setting resin. The resulting laminate sheet then goes onto a bakers rack’s surface as finishing.

Laminate materials include plastic, metal, and wood. These bring strength, durability, easy cleaning, and an ability to withstand heavy usage.

Pure metals are either too brittle, too soft, or chemically reactive to create great bakers racks. Alloys arise from combining two or more metals together, the purpose being creation of more stable and stronger metals. The result is a metal bakers rack with durable finishing and resistance to corrosion.

Marble veneered bakers rack come from thin real marble slices adhered to the bakers rack through pressured heat. This is not only economical but also a great method to give a bakers rack its marble looks, strengthen it, and a way to avoid natural marble’s fragility and time consuming care routines.

Tempered glass comes from treating glass with chemical solutions or heat, creating a stronger glass bakers rack than one made of galvanized or regular glass.


Take measurements of the space where your new bakers rack will occupy. This way, you will buy one that fits. Naturally, a commercial bakers rack for your enterprise would be much bigger than a narrow bakers rack for your little loft.


As with any furniture, let your bakers rack reveal your personality while complementing other furniture and fittings within your home. Most important, however, ensure your chosen bakers rack meets your needs and suits your style.

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